Jewish wedding in a chateau 1h from Paris : a chuppah under the sycamore wedding venues in France with a 7 trunks sycamore ceremony between moat and sycamore Jewish marriage under the sycomore another kind of wedding in a château close to Paris chuppah under the sycamore
Château de Vallery

The sycamore with 7 trunks is without doubt the most magnificent tree on the estate. Why not harness the majesty - and the shade - of this imposing, three-hundred-year-old tree for your wedding ceremony, before moving on to your reception? Serenity, peace and reflection guaranteed.

A flowered chuppah can easily be suspended from one of the sycamore's powerful branches for a Jewish wedding ceremony. The outstanding play of light, and the sound system that can easily be added, accentuate the spiritual dimension of your wedding at the chateau, just one hour from Paris, capital of France.