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Château de Vallery
a romantic wedding venue with accommodation

the medieval cellars THE DAY BEFORE

Come to the estate with your guests on the eve of your big day and settle into the chateau's historical rooms. As afternoon fades, taste fine wines in the vaulted 12th-century cellars. When dusk falls, savour a tagine together in the pavilion with its big pool.

Then, in the lamplight and fragrances of the Orient, enjoy mint tea, honeyed pastries and maybe some belly dancing... belly dancing in the pavilion PRELUDES

Make yourselves at home! Luxuriate in a relaxing bath. Spend time with your guests, adding the finishing touches to floral arrangements and seating plans, or getting the bridesmaids and page boys ready.

A hairdresser and make-up artist await the bride as photographer and video cameraman capture the moment. floral set up CEREMONY

For their romantic wedding vows, some may choose the church opposite the chateau on the edge of the forest, with the mausoleum of the Princes and Princesses of Condé.

For others, a flower-laden chuppah in the Rose Garden. Or why not the orchard? Or by the big Buddha beneath his tree? Or at the foot of the sycamore with seven trunks? Spirituality is the order of the day. wedding ceremony in the ground DRINKS AND DINNER

Buffet tables are laid out in the Closerie Garden and in the Music Rooms. Music to match the bride and groom floats over the grounds, interspersed with numbers by a jazz-band playing in the dovecot.

Later, candle-lit dinner in the Salle des Tentures with its trompe-l'oeil in sumptuous fabrics measuring over 500m2. In the grounds, a thousand torches flicker until dawn. Salle des Tentures arrival SPECIAL NIGHT

After dinner, everyone steps out into the grounds or onto the front steps for a firework show set to music, or a huge bonfire.

The final tableau stars the wedding cake, paraded into the Grande Galerie, and a champagne pyramid that marks the opening of the ball. Music playing in the grounds drifts to the very fringes of the surrounding forest. The chateau is for you alone, exclusively. dance floor in the Grande Galerie DAY AFTER

Nights at the chateau are mellow, in rooms and suites preserved from the harshness of modernity. On the following day, savour breakfast around the big pool enveloped in fragrances rising up from the gardens.

Stroll through the forest or around the ramparts. Aperitifs served in the vaulted cellars precede salads, salmon and grilled meats to round off a sequence of life's small pleasure. the pool, the chateau and the pavilion
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