romantic parties at château de Vallery

Staging stimulates and intensifies emotions. As soon as the château was brought back to life in the 1990s, we introduced certain rituals – to accompany a winetasting in the cellars, for example. On the day before the wedding, the bride and groom enter into the 12th century vaulted cellars and revel for a moment in the flame-studded darkness before being joined by their guests, who have gathered in the moat. Each individual then endeavours to identify the contents of each of the crystal carafes. Before leaving, the guests blow out all of the candles - as if to lure the benevolence of the Fates.

The various entrances around the château are lit up by torchlight: the rose garden, the postern, the Oriental Pavilion and the cellars. These flames, too, are loaded with meaning; they are evocative and protective. Celebrations trap us in the heart of such staging, heightening what may be on our mind... Some rules must prevail over such set designs. From table plans to dress code via floral arrangements, we absolutely have to bow down to a certain number of customs, and to etiquette, if we hope to see the magic come into play...

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