what's the best season for a wedding?
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Wedding near Paris:
what is the best season?

Each season is exceptional especially in France. Each D Day is unique especially at Château de Vallery. This exclusive venue can congratulate itself for making all the months of the year resonate masterfully with their own particularities. Organizing a wedding reception 100km from Paris, in such a place, delights the future bride and groom who will prepare this beautiful stay several months in advance -find out more about our suggested retroplanning for your reception. With a relative importance as for the season.

But do you choose to get married in winter in large heated halls or do you prefer the warm season for the benefit of the outdoors? What is the best season to imagine your special event in North Burgundy, in a place essentially dedicated to wedding receptions? You might want to consult your wedding planner in charge of your French venue but you can already read our advice and ideas illustrated with photos...
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january, one of the best season winter wedding the end of winter
nuptial ceremony outside organizing wedding in May getting married in spring
grounds and forest for July in the heart of summer between summer and autumn
choosing October for wedding November another wedding season between Autumn and winter

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Off the beaten path: winter

Cooler months open to a more flexible budget. This period also favors the availability of providers and sometimes even that of guests. A weekend associated with a vacation or a public holiday can seduce bride and groom in the large halls and rooms all heated and illuminated for the occasion. Outside, the park plays classical music and jazz standards under a carpet of snow.

Here, one cannot speak of low season because here winter is synonymous with romance. The church of Vallery as well as the Salle des Tentures or the Grande Galerie are there to welcome an exceptional ceremony. Getting married in the domain in this season, as it is mentioned on the winter weddings page, has many advantages and these months that lead to spring say a lot...


🌞 7°C  🌜 0°C

snow in the chateau park the Renaissance façade in winter bonfire in the grounds during winter
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Simply January

H ere, 100km from Paris, the chateau as a theater of the longest nights... Many couples take advantage of the first of January to get married. This key date is all the more appreciable as it is generally framed by relevant vacations for a stay in this unique place. The Epiphany can be another reason to illustrate its marriage.

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🌞 9°C  🌜 1°C

choisir l'hiver pour se marier les allées cavalières pour un mariage la piscine chauffée accessible en Février
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Winter has a heart

Some may opt for its possible Mardi-Gras and its atypical outfits. A snowy Candlemas in the 5 hectares of the park and sometimes even around the heated pool all year round. Valentine's Day also creates a nice craze for a wedding in the middle of a month that often reserves great and beautiful surprises. Our February brides and grooms don't choose this time of year because they are looking for good weather, but rather for the nostalgia of winter.

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🌞 13°C  🌜 4°C

flowery chuppah in march March, the end of winter, the changing season a late winter view
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Renaissance season and wedding

It is said that March is a particularly suitable month for the castle. The elegance of the Renaissance architecture seems to be matched by the magical explosion of nature. One must see the forest and the park metamorphosis between the beginning and the end of this promising month. March is inscribed in the calendar like a promise, the promise of a nature that exults everywhere, the promise of two lovers who unite in this renewal...

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Spring season, promise and commitment

I t is already there, scenting the rose garden and the palm grove of the chateau. A wedding with subtle perfumes that spills over under the pool's arbors and the wisteria-infested vineyards. Choosing spring to get married in a chateau is, of course, magical and dreamlike... (If you don’t believe, take a virtual tour of this French wedding venue)

It is therefore necessary to mobilize early enough to reserve a spring date, the most popular period. It is a seasonal renewal, the return to the life of nature. For a wedding, it is a somewhat ambitious choice. And for good reason...


🌞 17°C  🌜 7°C

April, flowering shrub season why not choose spring to get married the wisteria of the Closerie for a wedding
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Bride and groom choice: a flower waltz

S oon, April brings anemones, arums, hibiscus, peonies, tulips and many other flowers now adorn the groves of the park and the edge of the 60 hectares of forest. Ceremony under the sycamore tree, reception in the large halls. Perhaps a date associated with the Easter vacations will facilitate a season of renewal in this magical venue one hour from Paris. A date close to the period that counts the most requests but which remains nevertheless intimate and authentic.

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🌞 21°C  🌜 11°C

rose garden for a wedding the houppa under the sycamore tree in spring May wedding cocktail on the grounds
ecusson du domaine

May, month of parties

Colours, fragrances, aromas, fruits, vegetables... May brings us the treasures of nature. This is one of the photographer's favorite times of the year; winter is already long gone and the guests are familiarizing themselves with the little green theaters that the estate offers.

chateau's fleur-de-lys


🌞 24°C  🌜 13°C

chateau's palm grove June ceremony choose Spring for your wedding
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A venue, a date, a dress

Because the season is fabulous, mythical, fantastic. Because the roses open up to the chateau’s receptions, especially in June, which sublimates them with its endless days. Choosing a date in the sixth month of the year is not necessarily original, but it provides an idyllic backdrop.

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Summer: giving time to time

What can we say about a season that follows spring where again, it's about celebrating the warmer months of the year? If it keeps its promises, it is an ideal period for an outdoor ceremony. A bride throwing her bouquet in the park, a couple strolling around the medieval moat, a guest in the warm waters of the pool... Happiness is the price to pay at the chateau in this season.

But it is necessary to book it very early for its D-day; to choose this period it is also to perhaps have to manage cancellations due to the vacations or on the contrary, to accommodate guests who traced their vacations according to the marriage. Especially for lovers of Burgundy or foreigners discovering Paris at only 100km from Vallery.


🌞 27°C  🌜 16°C

summer, a marriage season bride and her bridesmaids in the dovecote choose a venue with a pool for a wedding in France
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July: magical, breathtaking and romantic

The couple and their party will certainly have the idea to end the party in the chateau's swimming pool, the bride's dress in the azure of the pool, at the very end of a starry night under the Burgundy sky. One can easily imagine the fireworks and the blaze of mid-July, staged at the end of the dinner and which will subtly announce the wedding cake arrival.

chateau's fleur-de-lys


🌞 27°C  🌜 16°C

the best season to plan your wedding August, a month for a wedding in France a large hall under Summer
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Getting married in August and offering...

Unique and exclusive venue for your guests, a great list of activities on site, swimming pool, tennis, mountain biking, photography, walk in the enchanted forest in the morning or the day after the wedding... August, the best month to get married? A personal question that only the bride and groom know how to answer. However, the grimoires of the chateau are full of requests; the choice is often made on this month.

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🌞 22°C  🌜 12°C

wedding in September near Paris the Palm Grove of Château de Vallery organising your wedding in autumn: dovecot
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September, the wisdom of a marriage

Because it is time to enjoy the beautiful season to the end! The summer is still there, illuminating the ceremony under the 7-trunk sycamore tree. It will continue to carry the wedding into the wee hours of the morning around a monumental bonfire between the Arbour and the clearing of the muses. At the dawn of autumn, September still reserves enchanting, endless, dizzying evenings outdoors.

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Fall, the wise season for a wedding

It is obvious. The three months of autumn are colorful and gastronomically rich, floral decorations and dinner menus are all the better for it. The season can also surprise with summer temperatures. Organizing a wedding in autumn allows for beautiful swimming in the heated pool, overlooking the chateau and its park.

This is the most romantic time of the year, poetic as the wedding photos express it very elegantly. It can be relevant to choose a chateau as your wedding venue that has become a little more available and that offers the same advantages as in "high season". And if autumn is the spring of winter, Vallery will certainly be the Eldorado of your festivities.


🌞 18°C  🌜 9°C

fall: the best time to get married? your chateau in France for Autumn the chateau pool in October
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Choose October before winter time

The temperatures remain pleasant and can be surprising for a period that is not in a hurry to get rid of summer so quickly. October is there to offer the nights a little longer, favorable to the festivities in a chateau entirely heated just like its appendices. Organizing your wedding in this place remains the itinerary of all the curiosities between the 4 big rooms and the 28 rooms that the domain counts.

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🌞 11°C  🌜 5°C

the castle ramparts in autumn the Vallery forest in November an autumn wedding in Burgundy
ecusson du domaine

The Indian summer may surprise you...

Evidently, a great latitude among the providers of choice (caterer, photographer, florist, etc.) and sometimes lower prices. November is the first month of the "Love, Fire and Snow" promotion at the chateau. It will inspire a more intimate wedding with hushed atmospheres and colors of gold and ruby.

A time when guests are more likely to attend than in summer; everyone is there. Organizing a reception stay in this place is particularly accessible. And November turns out to be full of romanticism, which a party can stun whatever the weather.

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🌞 8°C  🌜2°C

choose the chateau and winter for your wedding the pool is heated all seasons early winter: the best time to get married ?
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December, solstice season and wedding

Snow may fall on a bridal ceremony but the always heated waters, notably those of the swimming pool, do not suffer the affront of the frost. Then forest is transparent, revealing a little further the small church of Vallery and the agricultural fields on the bare horizon. The light is surprising; it grazes the roofs and the photographer has a great time.

Finally, autumn gives way to winter, Christmas arrives. It is the time of long nights with bright ornaments, trees decorated with magic and children's dreams. Choosing this season and especially this month gives free rein to the imagination!

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