wedding ceremony 1h from Paris: church of Vallery jewish wedding romantic vows in the large room of the chateau celebrating bar mitzwa at the chateau best places to get married: wedding reception at the chateau, 1 hour from Paris the Vallery's church for your wedding ceremony grounds of the chateau for a jewish wedding in Vallery, France buddhist wedding in the palm grove of the Château de Vallery
jewish wedding ceremony canopy in the grounds wedding ceremony at the church, 1h from Paris Buddha over the grounds for romantic vows henna ceremony in the oriental pavilion Jewish wedding in the Grande Galerie mausoleum of Henri II de Condé Jewish ceremony under the 7 trunks sycamore Vallery church

Wedding ceremony at
Chateau de Vallery

Vallery lily flower

A customized wedding ceremony

Whether it’s for a wedding, a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, or a christening, and whatever the religion, the chateau has a range of suitable settings - including a church in Vallery village open to all (not part of the hire package) just a few meters from the estate.
The Grande Galerie, the Oriental Pavilion, the Rose Garden, the Church and even the sycamore with seven trunks can all be perfect spots for romantic wedding vows and other ceremonies - depending on your religion, your traditions and, who knows, your idea of romance!

A cultural diversity

The chateau makes a point of honour of welcoming all religions for all celebrations: from weddings to christenings via henna ceremonies, wedding anniversaries and civil unions. Enjoy a wedding weekend around your ceremony.
A land of freedom between Paris and Burgundy, only a hundred kilometers from the capital, its airports and its railway stations. It is perhaps to this cultural plurality that Vallery owes its international radiance!...
secular ceremony outside in front of the chateau

At the origin of reception

A wedding ceremony at the chateau de Vallery is formal, magical, unmissable… Because Vallery hosts the majority of wedding receptions over 2, 3 or more days. This wedding organization in France encourages you to welcome your guests for the whole or most of your stay.
Appreciating the setting and enjoying your guests can only be done in an optimal way in time and space. Civil weddings are often planned well in advance, a few days or even a few weeks before the wedding (see retroplanning of the reception). The big day at the chateau is often centred on the wedding ceremony. It is the essential complement to the festivities, with no time limits and in total freedom. Each ceremony has its rightful place depending on its location and season. In fact, outdoor spaces will be the preferred choice in summer or mid-season. The large halls or the church will host mid-season or winter weddings (at a lower cost with a special offer for a wedding at the chateau in winter).

Places of all celebrations

Whether religious, ecumenical or symbolic, the ceremonies remain the heart and soul of the D-day... This is a solemn ceremony to mark the union of a couple. Atheist brides and grooms sometimes request the oratory skills of a celebrant in the Rose Garden. Also, the edge of the forest can provide an opportunity to commune with nature in a bucolic wedding procession.
Thus, many places on the estate are perfectly suited for a wedding ceremony and romantic vows. The Salle des Tentures can be transformed into a synagogue. The Oriental Pavilion is ideal for henna ceremonies and Muslim weddings. Protestants can use the Rose Garden or the village church, just like Catholics. Also, the 7 trunks Sycamore tree behind the Renaissance part or the big chestnut tree in the grounds, shelter in their shades chuppah and ordered chairs. The fabulous team of this French venue and your wedding planner will of course be able to help you.
Vallery lys calligraphy
the church and its mausoleum for a wedding ceremony
celebration in the church of Vallery
Château de Vallery crest

Church of Vallery

Since 1612

The church of Saint Thomas of Canterbury is located on the edge of the chateau forest. The mausoleum of Henri II de Condé (1588-1646) was erected here at the request of his son, the Grand Condé, by Gilles Guérin, an illustrious 17th century sculptor.

Henry II’s Mausoleum

The caryatids represent the four cardinal virtues: Prudence (mirror and snake), Temperance (horse bridle and clock balance), Strength (club, animal skin and a shield with a lion, a boar and a three-headed cerberus) and Justice (sword and scales). The Princesses and Princes of Condé are buried in this church built between 1612 and 1614. The Grand Condé, "this hero born for war, the most illustrious of his race", also wished to rest here. Until 1905, the date of the separation of Church and State, this place was used as the chateau’s chapel.

Today, for a wedding ceremony

The church has a sound system. It is under the authority of the town hall and the diocese and offers seating for 250 people. In order to plan your wedding ceremony there, it is therefore necessary to make a request to the parish of Chéroy.

Ideally located

1h from Paris, in Vallery, from the chateau grounds, you take the small path known as the "church path". It runs alongside the Renaissance chateau, its moat and the Music Room and ends at a dedicated gate. So the procession takes the small street of "Général de la Ferrière" for a few meters. Then it is the church square: the guests settle down and wait for the groom to be joined by the bride on the arm of her father. The floral decoration will have been carefully set up in the morning. Only a carriage or a vintage car will remain available for the bride and groom in the small church square.
Vallery church situation

- Practical information for our bride and groom to be -

Please, get in touch with Patrick Labois (, deacon in the parish, in charge of wedding planning for agreement on the date.

The celebration must be confirmed 2 weeks before the D-day with Marc Teyssonneyre +33(0) who is the church warden and will open the doors before the ceremony.

For the peace of your ceremony, please print on your wedding invitation: "Please park at the Chateau. Parking is not available at the church".

Your floral designer will use only string (no tacks, no staples in the church) and will have to remove all decorations after the ceremony. Flowers should be watered before being displayed on the altar carpet.

Do not throw rice inside the church. Paper confetti is not allowed inside or outside.

Thank you for your understanding


Download the Parish instructions (FR)

Download the offering coupon (FR)

Map of the church in Vallery

Map of the church in Vallery
Pierre Lescot gallery
winter wedding celebrations in the Renaissance chateau
wedding ceremony in the chateau gallery
Château de Vallery crest

Grande Galerie

Wedding ceremony in the château

The bride and groom will take great pleasure in bringing their guests together for a wedding in this French venue, pronouncing their vows beneath the imposing vaulted ceiling of the Grande Galerie, constructed between1548 and 1560. The alcoves and candelabras are swathed in roses, lilies and ivy. An Érard piano from 1923 on the dais has witnessed ceremonies by pastors, rabbis, priests and other celebrants. In addition, the underfloor heating in the gallery is advantageous for a winter or mid-season wedding ceremony.
The Grande Galerie is ideally situated between the central square and the seven-trunk Sycamore. Also in the Renaissance part, the Salle des Tentures, which overlaps it, allows for a "vin d’honneur" to be held after the wedding vows. Unless the toast takes place outside, particularly under the Arbour or around the belvedere. This added flexibility may lead you to choose this chateau as the venue for your wedding.

Cults and receptions

1h from Paris, erected since the Renaissance, the Grande Galerie remains the untouched backdrop for Madame de Lafayette’s novel "La Princesse de Clèves".
The sound system in this Renaissance jewel is in harmony with that in the grounds. Spotlights concealed in the vaulted ceiling promise beautiful staging. More than 300 chairs can be arranged in two rows for your romantic vows. Like all the other large halls, The Pierre Lescot Grande Galerie is included in the hire of the estate for festivities. And it also can be the setting for the wedding ceremony.
Vallery offers all the right suggestions for a wedding as a journey and getting married in its chateau! From the day before (on weekdays) to the day after (3pm), including the religious marriage celebration, of course.
situation of the gallery in the area
Ceremonial map of the Grande Galerie

Gallery ceremony plan

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the hall transformed into a synagogue
Salle des Tentures for a bridal ceremony
Renaissance chateau hall set for a jewish wedding
Château de Vallery crest

Salle des Tentures

Aceremonial tent for your...ceremony

Under its 400m2 of trompe-l'oeil, your wedding ceremony will find its place in the chateau itself. Overlooking the yew tree park, this room is ideal for secular services and all religious confessions, particularly Jewish celebrations with a houppa or a canopy of flowers to the north of the room.

Appropriate equipment

The seating is provided by the chateau team and this Salle des Tentures, like the other three rooms on the estate, is fully equipped with sound. The equipment is integrated and particularly discreet, which favours contemplation and sobriety. Up to 220 seated guests can attend the ceremony.
situation of this hall in the area
Floor plan for a ceremony

synagogue in the chateau

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henna ceremony in Vallery
ceremony in an oriental room of the castle
henna ceremony in the oriental pavilion
Château de Vallery crest

Oriental Pavilion

Between unusual and sacred

A wedding ceremony at the chateau also take place at the Oriental Pavilion and its Riad, which opens its doors to Henna and Oriental weddings. Later on, you can also embrace the delights of Marrakech by organising a brunch and a méchoui. A perfect change of scenery, from the scent of jasmine to the finely chiselled scintillating trays, lulled by the exceptional sound system of the Oriental Pavilion.
Your wedding at the chateau de Vallery will explore a world of light and shadow, East and West, far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and yet so close for so romantic vows. Indeed, our forest of legends lies to the south of the Ile-de-France region and marks the beginning of Burgundy, just 1h from Paris!

Stunning location and views

The Oriental Pavilion is located as an extension of the swimming pool, also known as the "grand bassin", bordered by its two bamboo arbours. It is also the "folly" of the chateau: the former commons of the Princes de Condé, which is now the Oriental Pavilion...
One walks between the rose garden and the orchard to discover the Oriental Pavilion behind its heavy oak doors. On the first floor of this exotic room, 3 bedrooms: Sahara and Levant as well as the large duplex Loft. From here, you can discover the whole estate: first of all the swimming pool, but also the central park with Renaissance and medieval chateaus. A breathtaking landscape in the evening when the light of the projectors mixes with that of the torches.
situation in the area
Oriental Pavilion floor plan

Oriental Pavilion map

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romantic wedding vows
Jewish wedding in the chateau grounds
rose garden for wedding ceremonies
Château de Vallery crest

Romantic vows in a Rose Garden

Rabbin, pasteur, celebrant...

In a clearing within the Rose Garden we occasionally set up a chuppah of flowers for romantic wedding vows. The rabbi takes care of the finishing touches for a Jewish wedding ceremony. For other marriages, a pastor, celebrant or even the witnesses preside in this garden of flowers under the Burgundy sky. From the Bacchus mouth flows a living water that cascades into a small pool. This then overflows into an old and narrow canal that runs through the entire rose garden to flow into the water lily pond.

Wedding ceremony in garden and ponds

Music seems to rise up out of the flowerbeds and flow from waterfalls and fountains, filling the air. The Rose Garden, now used for weddings, stands on the very spot where this French chateau’s old tithe barn used to be and has inherited its walls; they are now covered in luxuriant greenery and blooms. In the heart of the summer nights, the perfume of the roses rises up to the large pool jealously guarded by two sculpted sphinxes facing each other, resting on the parapet above the rose garden.
rose garden situation in the area
Rose Garden ceremonies floor plans

Rose Garden floor PDF plan

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estate lys
ceremony with chuppah on the grounds
ceremony under the chestnut tree
ecusson Château de Vallery

big chestnut tree

In the heart of the reception

Halfway between the medieval postern and the rose garden, another option for your ceremony, the Big Chestnut tree slightly overlooks the Yew Park and the Renaissance chateau. You should take advantage of its thousands of white flowers to organise your spring wedding ceremony there! It will cover its flowerbed with red leaves in autumn. In short, all seasons are suitable for wedding ceremonies under the Big Chestnut Tree.

Setting up the ceremony

Again, chairs can be provided by the chateau for up to 200 people. The organizers will be free to install specific equipment such as a flower canopy and houppa for Jewish ceremonies or podiums for secular services. On the other hand, an experienced service provider can supply sound for your outdoor ceremony as well as the halls, as part of a complete sound and light package for your entire wedding.
chestnut tree area situation
Plan of a ceremony under the Big Chestnut Tree

Big Chestnut Tree PDF

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Vallery, Burgundy, France
rabbin under a houppa under the sycamore tree of the chateau
Jewish wedding under the sycamore
ecusson Château de Vallery

The 7-trunk Sycamore

Between Earth and the Gods

It is said that in this domain of Vallery, the trees have a symbolic power somewhere between the Earth and the Gods! In the forest, the old oak tree planted in 1621 has fallen. It will have reigned for 4 centuries! Part of its trunk and its roots are now used as a monumental buffet. These will enhance the edge of the "Clairière des Muses", just above a sculpted Buddha which dominates the park.
A little further down in the grounds and before your reception, a sycamore tree with 7 trunks can be used for your wedding ceremony and romantic vows. Hidden by the chateau, out of sight, it will surprise your guests with its rustic, solemn and bucolic appearance. In the shade of this tree, which is three hundred years old and imposing in its majesty, it is time for meditation.

Huge trees for great causes

A flowering chuppah can easily be hung from one of the strong branches of the sycamore tree. The light effects are exceptional, as is the optional outdoor sound system. This majestic and impressive tree is one of the rare opportunities to enjoy the Renaissance chateau facade from the sunset. A spiritual escape for your reception in this half-chateau, half-forest estate only 1h from Paris.
High trees shelter the wedding corteges at the chateau; the great chestnut tree, which is said to be the largest and oldest on the estate, without ever having been able to prove it, constitutes the epicenter of the venue. At 33 meters tall, it rivals other giants and also urges you to entrust it with your share of the sacred.
situation of the sycamore in the grounds
Ceremony plan around the Sycamore tree

Sycamore tree for Jewish chuppah ceremony

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