the bride and groom come back from the church and arrive at the chateau night chateau the day before a reception in île-de-france aerial view of the chateau for rent and the church of Vallery the Music Room, a large hall of the chateau for weddings the Grande Galerie, one of the large halls of the chateau for rent the Château de Vallery's swimming pool the Oriental Pavilion in the extension of the swimming pool the rose garden during a wedding ceremony the bride in a room in the chateau the bride and groom open the ball in the chateau grounds bridal suite of the Château de Vallery, Île-de-France fireworks display in the castle park during a wedding reception
the chateau's ground at night during a wedding Château de Vallery one hour from Paris the Grande Galerie, one of the large rooms of the venue for your wedding the Music Room for your reception bonefire at the end of a marriage the wedding suite of the chateau the bride and groom in the castle pool renaissance facade during a wedding Oriental room for henna ceremony or Bar Mitsva the bride and groom receive the piece mounted in the chateau's park Tulip room in the Renaissance chateau
Chateau de Vallery, wedding one hour from Paris
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Your wedding at the chateau

Host your wedding reception at France’s most romantic Historical Monument: Château de Vallery is a true Renaissance masterpiece, located one hour to the south of Paris. The château can be yours for 2 to 3 days with no curfew. For your special day, make the most of property’s 4 grandiose historical halls, 28 rooms, heated swimming pool, tennis court, torch-lit evenings, music until dawn and much, much more.

True freedom lives halfway between Paris and Burgundy! You are free... Free to welcome your guests to an exclusive location and to settle into the château and its rooms one day in advance... Free to celebrate your union at the local church or in the rose garden... Free to dance until dawn, to go for a night-time swim amid the palm trees and to invite your guests to stay on for brunch the day after the reception. Even caterers and other services can be yours to choose. Make your dreams come true and enjoy a positively liberating rental experience.

Bride grooms who have chosen Vallery as their wedding venue over the last 25 years are thanked over a dedicated page of this website. The wealth of their cultures, their traditions and their love have strengthened our resolve to restore life to this Renaissance jewel and so we have been able to bring the chateau's architecture and its festive traditions back to life. The Château de Vallery has very fond memories of all his bride grooms. And so many of them have expressed their joy in our visitors' book and on social media - thank you for that.

Jacques d’Albon entrusted the construction of the Renaissance part of the chateau to Pierre Lescot. At the time, the latter was still working on the Louvre, yet still managed to make Vallery "the most magnificent château in the world". Famous French writer Brantôme was dazzled by the location’s sumptuous nature and wrote: "...Those who then beheld Vallery fully furnished could neither appraise nor prize its riches..."

The property was portrayed in La Princesse de Clèves as the château of utter seduction and love. A fact to which History certainly bears witness: Henri IV himself once ventured into the château in disguise in order to seduce Charlotte de Montmorency, who lived at Château de Vallery and with whom the king had fallen madly in love.

The château was also home to the Princes and Princesses of Condé, all of whom now rest at the local church in Vallery. Today, for your wedding reception in France, Château de Vallery could be all yours. "In no better place could thine love be given" Ronsard 1555

The book "Princes, Muses and Weddings" by P. Vansteenberghe looks back at the celebrations that have taken place at the château. It explores the arts of fireworks, dinner parties, dance and seduction.

wedding and chateau
heated swimming pool all year round
The swimming pool extends forth from the oriental pavilion: it is protected by the medieval ramparts to the north and opens up to overlook the rose garden to the south. The pool is heated all year round.

It is flanked by 2 arbours, perfect for hosting brunch as well as your wedding dinner the night before. In the summer, the scents of the rose garden drift beneath the arbours, where guests can also marvel at the sight of the fully lit-up château and gardens.
château et mariage
wedding ball in a chateau hall Music Room for your reception at the chateau dovecote, one of the chateau's bridal suites oriental pavilion, the day before your wedding medieval postern, access to the chateau for wedding chateau park and fireworks during a wedding bonfire for a wedding in front of the chateau bridal room of the castle
ecusson Château de Vallery
Today as in the past, the main argument for considering your wedding at Château de Vallery remains the 350 testimonies on Google, in our guestbook and other peripheral sites. Two of many others:
Christian Flouch
étoile Google
"Absolutely wonderful place to hold a wedding. Words cannot describe how magnificent this place is to hold the party of a lifetime. We got married in August and spent four days at the Chateau. Jonathan and the team looked after us extremely well from the first time we visited and right through to when we left for our honeymoon."
Lucy Whittaker
étoile Google
"From start to finish and every step of the way; Chateau de Vallery was an enchanted fairytale dream come true.

We visited the Chateau as a potential wedding venue over 2 years ago and fell in love at first sight... every moment spent within its walls is truly magnificent and believe me when I say the photos and videos do not do this incredible and unique venue justice. Our wedding was an event I never even dreamed possible because of this stunningly romantic venue and the absolutely fantastic team that run it. Our guests were truly enchanted by the Chateau and it's eclectic mix of rooms and styles and it was so special to be able to host them while also ensuring the day ran seamlessly with the help of the team on the ground who were so kind and diligent and helpful in the run up to our big day.

I cannot express in words how gorgeous this place is- anyone even considering hosting their wedding here should book immediately, it is one of a kind and I could literally cry tears of joy writing this review as it is just so beautiful."
Ariane and Patrice are the passionate owners of the estate. We owe the château’s influence to Ariane. As an experienced architect...
...(Kenzo, Dior, Virgin, etc.), Patrice is in charge of renovations. The duo is here to welcome you and make Château de Vallery your own!
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