One of the bridal rooms of the chateau
Château de Vallery's bridal bedroom
Condé emblem

- One of the castle's bridal rooms -

A bridal bedroom in the sky

At the top of the Renaissance castle built by Pierre Lescot, architect of the square courtyard of the Louvre, dominates the Charlotte de Montmorency bridal bedroom, a majestic sanctuary where history is inscribed in every detail. For their preparations, some brides will be drawn to the Grand Condé room with its remarkably comfortable baths.

Other brides will choose the huge and impressive Dovecote, one of the castle's most emblematic bridal rooms. Brides and grooms-to-be may also prefer the Loft, nestled on the first floor of the Oriental Pavilion, overlooking the swimming pool and the entire estate.

One of the great figures of the castle

But Charlotte de Montmorency, historically adjoining the Henri IV room, retains all its charms from a glorious past, with soft light caressing the high embroidered fabrics of the baldachin enthroned in the centre of the bridal room. An enchanting atmosphere for the guests for whom the bride and groom chose this accommodation towering over the castle.

A total immersion in the history of Vallery, the Princesses and Princes of Condé, not forgetting Henri IV's mad passion for Charlotte de Montmorency; from the roof windows, the views reveal the old road that led straight to Fontainebleau castle (before it became a palace) and then to the Louvre...

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