In front of the chateau, organize a bonfire
At the end of your wedding, have a bonfire in front of the castle
Condé emblem

- The chateau’s hanging gardens for a late-night bonfire -

Hanging gardens facing the chateau

The hanging gardens have become an essential part of the chateau's party and reception architecture. A confluence as strategic as it is magical! The Music Room, the Arbour and the Rose Garden, open onto these four espalier terraces, each marked by an original theme: the fountain, the Medici sculptures, the olive grove and finally the brasero where we'll light this bonfire.

It is at the heart of this last terrace, overlooking the other three and the central yew park, that the majestic brazier sits enthroned beneath the august silhouette of the Samothrace Victory. It is this iconic sculpture that closes the hanging gardens.

A bonfire, a breath of fresh air in the party

The chateau's motto is loud and clear: there's no time limit to the night. This means that after the wedding ball in the Grande Galerie or the Music Room, in the early hours of the morning, the bride and groom and their guests can gather around the bonfire at the edge of these elegant hanging gardens.

It's a luminous break, a warm breath of fresh air after the dance fever of the grand historic halls. It's also often a crackling respite before the final 'big day' swim at dawn, in the pool that extends from the Oriental Pavilion. Precisely where breakfast and brunch will be served a little later.

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