For the day before your wedding, choose the Oriental Pavilion
choose the Oriental Pavilion to organize your wedding eve at the chateau
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- Oriental pavilion on the day before your wedding -

On the eve of the big day

The day before a wedding is the culmination of months, sometimes years, of preparation. At Château de Vallery, it's all about letting go on the eve of the big event, and the estate allows you to honour this moment of tranquillity with little pleasures as a prelude to the big day. The bride and groom will have delegated the essentials to their suppliers, under the expert guidance of the "fabulous team". They will also have entrusted close guests with more personal services such as paying suppliers, managing telephone calls, last-minute information, unforeseen events, etc., although the organisation at the chateau is optimal and avoids many unplanned details.

Ahaven of peace; at last!

A well-deserved break is in order on the day before a wedding. For a weekday event, on Friday for example, the estate welcomes you from Thursday. The chateau's swimming pool is open to you. This 'Grand Bassin' adjoins the Oriental Pavilion and nestles against the medieval ramparts of the citadel. "Avoid excesses", "go to bed early", certainly. This little palace of a 'thousand and one nights' and its swimming pool are there for you to unwind with your nearest and dearest. The chateau will house the bridal party until the morning of the wedding, and you'll be up and about, ready to set the big day alight without the hassle of transport.

A confidential and profitable wedding wake

The wedding dress is hung on the canopy, and the floral table plan and centrepieces are placed on the monolithic table in the Arbour. The short list of final preparations is complete, no more wedding-planning phone calls. The last details are settled, last-minute worries minimised, even neutralised. This 'wake of arms' is the ideal time to take a dip and enjoy a tajine accompanied by mint tea in the cosy atmosphere of the Oriental Pavilion. The day before is like a peaceful interlude that will allow you to get a good night's sleep and ensure that your guests are well looked after on the big day.

In short, for the day before a beautiful day...

The Oriental Pavilion on the eve of the reception is a moment to relax after the heavy wedding preparations. It's a convivial moment after all the last-minute details have been taken care of, and it's sure to make the festivities go more smoothly. It's an accomplishment that lets you unwind in an atmosphere of copper trays, zelliges and moucharabiehs on authentic poufs and sofas. There's talk of the ball opening, the bridal suite and the chateau rooms where the guests stay. We might even talk about the fireworks in the park on the evening of the following day. But definitely not about the wedding preparations.

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