One of the chateau's bridal suites: the Dovecot
the Dovecot traditionally opens to the bride and groom as a bridal suite of the castle
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- Most French bridal suite: chateau's Dovecote -

Virtual tour of the bridal suite

The Dovecote stands between the Chemin des Remparts, the Oriental Pavillon and the Yew Park. On the ground floor, the vast entrance hall leads to a sitting area opposite the private bathroom. During their preparations, future brides and grooms often allocate the Dovecote to her and another of the estate's bridal suite to him, or vice versa. A metal spiral staircase provides access to the upper levels...

Zenithal lighting for a wedding night

Higher up, a little later, at the end of the wedding reception, the newlyweds find themselves under the zenithal lighting of the monumental glass roof and very often under the starry sky of Vallery. Finally, the staircase ends on a mezzanine floor with a plunging view over this French bridal suite. While the estate's accommodation welcomes those who are closest to you, the procession of guests will make their way to the nearby B&Bs, offering the added peace and quiet of knowing that your guests will be sleeping just a few steps away, so that they'll be back at the chateau the next day.

An "Extra king Size" bed

Between the wedding ceremony and dinner, it is customary to organise photo shoots throughout the estate. It is not unusual to find the photographer and videographer perched on the mezzanine overlooking the bridal suite; the bride and groom and their closest guests pose in the circular room, or even on an equally circular bed measuring 2.30 m in diameter! Around the perimeter, the curved walls are riddled with thousands of "boulins", the little niches in the stone that originally housed the doves in this French citadel of the Princesses and Princes of Condé.

French-style bedroom facilities

In addition to its impressive bed, the Dovecote is equipped with a Bluetooth amplifier that allows newlyweds to connect their computer or mobile phone. Naturally, bath sheets, a basket of toiletries and bathrobes are available beside the monolithic bathtub, which doubles as a shower area. At the bride and groom's bedside, a few grimoires and astronomical encyclopaedias promise their guests the best in this dream bridal suite for what is often a short night. Ambitious weddings often spend an extra night in Vallery.

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