the yew park hosts cocktails for parties romantic wedding chateau 1 hour from Paris wedding reception halls at Château de Vallery wedding banquet hall in the Music Room Oriental Pavilion of Château de Vallery for weddings and Bar Mitsva medieval cellars of Château de Vallery Music Room, a wedding room at the chateau
garden party in the grounds Music Room, a venue for your wedding the Pierre Lescot gallery for a reception the Music Room arbour Oriental Pavilion: Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, henna Salle des Tentures for your ceremony Château de Vallery's Music Room

Wedding reception venues

Wedding reception halls without curfew!

Your wedding at the chateau will take place in large historic or exotic reception venues, one hour from Paris. Here, there are no small lounges in a row or ceremony tents in the park. In fact, in Vallery, we celebrate in the heart of the chateau. The wedding reception halls, of different periods and atmospheres, invite you to take a wonderful journey without time limits for one or two nights. You will be able to "close the chateau" in the early hours of the morning and then recover a while for the next day's brunch. Better than renting a room, Château de Vallery opens its entire estate to your wedding.

A central park with synergy

The four large reception halls and the cellars are distributed thematically in this forest-lined estate. The park is the fictitious nerve center that links the halls together. Indeed, it is from this central area that all the key moments of the event take place. The throwing of the bride's bouquet and the posed photos of the couple are among these moments. Also, in this park, the procession can be seen enjoying a firework display or a laser show. It is also from the central park that the tightrope walker and her balloon will take off... Lit with a thousand torches and sound, the park is delicately shaded by the Renaissance edifice during the summer cocktails.

5 large halls for your stay

The keystone of your event is the Grande Galerie, which is on the same level as the torch-lit park. Just above, the Salle des Tentures is dedicated to a cocktail party or a dinner. It is sometimes transformed into a synagogue or a big playroom for children under the careful supervision of baby-sitters. The Music Room and its adjoining arbor overlook the park and the edge of the forest. The medieval cellars are open to great wines tastings, as a prelude to a reception. Lastly, the Oriental Pavilion and its swimming pool host Bar Mitzvahs, henna ceremonies, brunches the night before, barbecues the day after, etc. Do not hesitate to consult the dedicated page to the virtual tour of the chateau and its complete Book.

A scent of freedom

Whatever the season, you will be free to end your night in the scent of dawn. Free to choose your caterer. Free to organize a brunch or barbecue the next day around the pool. A spacious and discreet car park on the edge of the forest is at your disposal throughout your stay. Simply invite your guests to park there before your reception at Château de Vallery. Thus, parked for the stay, they will not worry about their vehicle. Your guests will enjoy the estate to the full, free to explore every corner, at any time for the better and for the party. This car park is equipped with 5 charging points for electric vehicles. borne pour recharge de véhicules électriques
the Renaissance chateau and its park

Exclusivity and seasons

Whatever your setup, you will have full and complete exclusivity of the Vallery estate: wedding reception halls and... "Only You!" Moreover, during the week, the domain will be at your disposal from the day before. And the exclusivity of the venue will be even longer. Why not combine your full-week stay with a short or long holiday? Winter is mild at the Château de Vallery, especially in terms of availability and conditions. As you can see on a visit to the chateau, all bedrooms and suites as the large historic halls are fully heated.

The craftsmen of your wedding

Organizing your wedding reception in Vallery also means choosing the artisans of the party such as caterers, florists, photographers, entertainment, etc. With several decades of experience, the chateau will be able to provide you with its selection. In this way, you will be able to benefit from a list of various recommended and confirmed providers. It should be noted that these service providers are more often available and adaptable to off-season dates. All furniture is included in the rental price. The same applies to equipment such as catering equipment, video projectors, room equipment, etc.
Château de Vallery, a french chateau for your wedding

the Yew-Tree Park and Hanging Gardens

wedding cocktail in the hanging gardens
hanging gardends for your wedding reception
Château de Vallery coat of arms

At the heart of the reception venues

The Yew-Tree Park links the various covered and open-air reception venues. At the center of 5 hectares of gardens, it opens out to the north onto an overhanging forest where guests can enjoy getting lost. But first, we discover the Hanging Gardens. They form the link between the woods, the Music Room and its Arbor. The Hanging Gardens: 4 espaliered terraces featuring romantic sculptures among century-old olive trees, fountains, brasero, Medici vases and torches.

A little further on, the walkway of the medieval ramparts and the Clearing of the Muses are also available. The Yew-Tree Park, a green space in the Renaissance tradition, leads directly to two large halls on the same level, the Grande Galerie and the Music Room. It is at the center of the venues for secular and religious wedding ceremonies, such as the Great Chestnut Tree and the Rose Garden.

Throughout your wedding

It's a venue for many moments: cocktail parties, wedding cake arrival, a pyramid of champagne, fireworks, pyrotechnics, and sometimes the first dance. It's a great place to stroll through a large square of greenery, lit by a thousand torches under a starry sky. In all seasons, at all times, a sound system coupled with those of the reception rooms will broadcast opera arias or jazz favorites.

Late into the night, the 4 terraces of the Hanging Gardens still welcome guests. They can enjoy a bucolic break before returning to the dance floor of one of the two large halls. It's around the brasero, where tall oak branches crackle, that the guests will meet up with the bride and groom for a final moment of celebration. The procession will then make its way to the estate's bedrooms and suites.
location of the park in the area
Plans of the estate and the yew park

park and rooms, reception venues

furniture inventory
lys du Château de Vallery

Grande Galerie

organising your wedding: one of the large halls
one of the chateau's large hall for wedding reception
Crest of the Château de Vallery

Its (many) benefits

Like all the other rooms, the Grande Galerie is included in the rental of the chateau. It is the jewel of your wedding reception. It is the heart of the Château de Vallery, on the same level as the park and the Music Room. Exceptional sound system and light effects are optional for this room, which was designed in 1550 and remains one of Pierre Lescot's masterpieces.

Historical and functional

This masterpiece will therefore be considered in its multipurpose aspect. The function of the Grande Galerie will be determined by what is organized in the other rooms. The furniture is divided between this hall, the Music Room and the arbor. Indeed, these three spaces are on the same level, which makes handling easier. The furniture will consist of "Lyre chairs" with old rose cushions and "Renaissance chairs" with cushions.

As for the tables, some are rectangular and modular, others round, perfectly suited for the cocktail party between inside and outdoors. 4 Renaissance buffets can accommodate cocktail pieces and fruit cascades. Everything has been thought of for your wedding in this chateau in France.

What vocation?

It is open to the park and often used for cocktail parties. Dancing here can be the ideal solution. You can also have dinner here and plan a ball in the Music Room. The Grande Galerie has a parvis that is perfect for discovering the splendour of a firework display or "pyromelody". In addition, your caterer can use the "La Cornue" kitchen, a 30m2 must.

Soul supplements

Floor and wall-mounted candelabras illuminate this hall, which faces east towards the park and west towards the moat. At night, these lights can be replaced by lyres, LED bars and other optional event lighting. This same option includes an exceptional sound system integrated into the alcoves and curtains. Here, technology has a prominent place but remains hidden.

An Érard 1923 quarter-top piano awaits musicians, both amateur and professional, on a stage in the axis of the hall. Finally, this hall of 6 metres under vaulted ceiling is equipped with floor heating. Thus, the temperature in this large historic hall is very pleasant and comfortable for winter and mid-season weddings.
location of the room in the area
Examples of the layout of this room

park and rooms, reception venues

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PPT file of Grande Galerie

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lys du Château de Vallery

Salle des Tentures

the Gallery, a large room in the chateau for weddings
Salle des tentures room prepared for a wedding
ecusson Château de Vallery

Another venue within the venue

Statues that seem to emerge from the shadows adorn the Salle des Tentures. These sculptures invite us to contemplate the 400m2 of trompe-l'oeil that cover the attics of this other large reception room. This masterpiece was inspired by the Field of the Cloth of Gold, the meeting between François I of France and Henry VIII of England. This historic meeting took place 28 years before the Maréchal de St André acquired Vallery.

Higher and higher

Overlooking the Vallery estate and above the central park, the Salle des Tentures has many benefits. It is bathed in the softer, later sunlight due to its location on the upper floor. It is from one of the five windows facing the east that the photographer immortalises the gathering of guests in the park. The statues inside echo those carved in stone, housed in the alcoves of the façade.

On the opposite side, above the moat, the 7 trunks sycamore tree, which has witnessed many wedding ceremonies, can be seen. In winter, between the bare trees, the church of Vallery can be discerned a few meters from the chateau. Finally, two windows on the gable offer an unobstructed view of the Music Room, Buddha under its chestnut tree and the serenity of a 70-hectare forest.

What vocation?

Cocktails for 240 people, dinner for up to 140 guests. The Salle des Tentures can also be transformed into a synagogue. Sometimes the baby-sitters even have the children play there. Your caterer has an adjoining 42 m2 fully equipped kitchen. The Salle des Tentures is an elegant complement to the other large rooms available for the most beautiful journey of your life.

Appropriate equipment

Like the other wedding reception halls, the Salle des Tentures is perfectly equipped with an exceptional sound system and control room. Camouflaged in the sails of the beams, speakers and subwoofers will play your background music and certainly speeches and surprises. For this purpose, the room has a wall screen and a video projector. As for the furniture, it is still custom-made.

With large round tables for 8/10 people and Renaissance chairs, its history fits perfectly with your party. Finally, the kitchen dedicated to your caterer is a major asset for the organisation of your reception. On the same level as the room, perfectly equipped, it is distributed on the staircase side for the management and on the room side for the catering. You can therefore take full advantage of this atypical attic room.
situation de la salle dans le domaine
Examples of the layout of this reception hall

the room in several configurations

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Château de Vallery, luxury wedding in France

Music room & Arbour

Château de Vallery's music room
a large decorated reception room
Château de Vallery's coat of arms

At first sight

The Music Room and its arbour are set in flowered small gardens. This is the "menus plaisirs" architecture of Louis XIV’s century. An additional attraction for your wedding reception which will continue elsewhere in the Chateau de Vallery estate. Perhaps in the Grande Galerie or the central park. A unique change of scenery 100km south from Paris.

The Music Room, its arbor and the forest

Eight joined pavilions make one large hall and all its fronts overlook bamboo bushes, small palm trees and multicolored flower beds. In the second row, there is a huge and majestic forest, such as one often finds in France. This Music Room looks like a monumental bandstand, with ceilings ornamented with period classical instruments. The architecture of the attics, with their assembled gables, offers a real advantage for the acoustics of the hall. Indeed, it is here that a few hundred guests gather for weddings, disc jockeys and many musical groups perform.

Thus, the loud sounds are attenuated and softened by these sloping ceilings. The glass façades, which allow the vegetation to shine through, are punctuated by columns that house stone busts. To the east, the Music Room is home to the Arbor, which is used to hosting cocktail parties or sit-down meals in fine weather. Also, the legendary bonfire regularly blazes at the end of the night behind the Arbor. To the south is the path known as "of the church" and the Renaissance chateau, and to the opposite, the forest stretches out over 180 degrees.

What vocation?

A wedding seated dinner for a maximum of 330 guests, with a dance floor and space for the orchestra. In its extension, the Arbour has a hundred or so seats. In addition, a 40m2 pavilion adjoining the Music Room houses a high-tech kitchen dedicated to caterers.

Atmospheres, parties and facilities

A very beautiful catering kitchen overlooks the Music Room at sunset, a little off-centre on the outside. This office is equipped with ovens, china cabinets and hotplates, and also has a small car park for your caterer's vehicles. In addition, the room has customized sound system equipment with a complete control room, speakers, subwoofers, microphones, etc. For lighting, lyres, LED bars and other optional fog machines can complete this wide range of equipment for your party.

In addition, there is a fixed 2-metre wall screen for video projections. The furniture package includes buffets, oval and modular tables with painted instruments and lyre chairs. The interior glass façades are covered with thick curtains, which can be used to divide the room if necessary. Finally, for those winter or mid-season receptions that are often mild in France, the Music Room is fully heated by elegant bioethanol fireplaces. As you can see, this large wedding hall is ideal and almost essential for your event. In any case, you will have the same availability and exclusivity as the other halls of the chateau.
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Music Room in several configurations

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Château de Vallery

oriental pavilion

an Oriental Pavilion one hour from Paris
a room for bar mitzvah and henna
Château de Vallery coat of arms

Exoticism and romance

The oriental pavilion and its large pool: the playful note of the Château de Vallery. This pavilion of a thousand and one nights is located just above the rose garden, whose scents sometimes mingle with those of the jasmine and fig tree. It backs onto the medieval ramparts which, in the evening, seem to dance to the lights of the "Grand Bassin". An exotic architecture which bathes in the reflections of the chiseled copper trays of Marrakech. In extension, the "Grand Bassin" which acts as a swimming pool, its garden furniture and its two pergolas.

Hall, pools and rooms

A small frog as a fountain feeds the inner zellij pond with water colored by integrated lighting. This elegant feature is framed by a gazebo made of wrought iron grills with traditional assemblies. Large moucharabieh panels slide over the bay, which offers a view on the pool and its haven of peace. The combination of the swimming pool and the Oriental Pavilion is an essential ingredient in the recipe for your wedding at this chateau.

In addition, a three-bedroom suite welcomes your guests on the first floor of this real Riad. Or perhaps for yourself, as the Loft is one of the bridal suites adored by Vallery's brides and grooms. The lounge of this suite majestically overlooks the swimming pool, the Rose Garden, the chateau and its park. So you can stay there while supervising your event!

What vocation?

Henna ceremony, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah Henna ceremony, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah. This is also where you will be able to enjoy the meals of the day before and the day after your wedding at the chateau. Breakfast is usually served at the Pavilion in the Riad large room. Entertainment: belly dancing, swimming, strolling, etc. Perhaps this is also where you will end your big night with a cosy after-party. Why not serve your guests a couscous or an authentic tajine with lemon confit, lamb with cashew nuts or chicken with apricots?

The Orient at your doorstep

The Oriental Pavilion is accessible via a small path that runs along the medieval part, the Dovecote and then the area where the barbecues are prepared and served the day before or the day after the event. The chateau also provides a particularly efficient lighting and sound system, managed from the control room overlooking the hall. At one end of this Riad, a catering kitchen opens up into the extension of a long granite buffet.

Lastly, the furniture provided as part of the rental remains faithful to the exotic spirit of this oriental room. Poufs, comfortable and typical sofas, lanterns on feet or on wall, copper trays, etc. everything is there for the best change of scenery. This Pavilion is another stopover in your stay at Château de Vallery, a unique location for wedding receptions about an hour from Paris.
location of the room in the area
Layout of the Riad and the pool

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Château de Vallery

medieval cellars

reception in the medieval cellars of the chateau
wine tasting in the cellars
Château de Vallery coat of arms

From the Middle Ages

It is accessed via the dry moat of the chateau, or more precisely via the medieval part. Originally, Vallery could house five thousand soldiers within its ramparts, part of which still remains. The postern (or "châtelet"), the old chateau in its extension and the eastern part of the ramparts are witnesses of this period. The cellars are also part of these remains, which perfectly illustrate the history of this chateau as well as that of France. Indeed, Pierre Lescot kept only these buildings and built an L-shaped Renaissance chateau.

Later, at the foot of the medieval cellars, part of the Renaissance wing will disappear and make way for the current belvedere. It is here, between the medieval postern and the Renaissance corner pavilion, that your wedding cocktail can be served. It is also a great place to enjoy the fireworks. But let's go back to the vaulted cellars of the 12th century...

What vocation?

Very frequently, in the early stages of the wedding reception, the vaulted cellars are illuminated with a thousand candles and candelabras. Then, the bride and groom invite their guests into this succession of cellars for a tasting of great wines. Finally, the tasting will be guided along the wine route, mainly from Burgundy; Meursault, Chardonnay, Chablis, Irancy, etc. It is an atmosphere, a warm and intimate moment dedicated to the reunion of everyone.

Afterwards, it is time to head to the Pavillon or the Arbour for a meal among friends. The Vallery estate can welcome you the day before your event. It is therefore recommended to save the surprise of the large rooms for the big day. All of them are at your disposal. Consequently, opt for a room dedicated to your meal the day before and save secrete the others for the next day!
situation of the cellars in the area
Plan of the 12th century vaulted cellars

the medieval cellars plan
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