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Dovecote bridal suite Grand Condé bedroom Renaissance chateau room Petit Condé bedroom the dovecote (triplex) inside the medieval chateau

French chateau with bedrooms

Vallery's lys

On the estate and beyond!

In addition to its large halls, this French chateau with bedrooms offers 28 housings and more than 200 accommodations in Vallery and its surroundings! Enough to accommodate 150 guests in Vallery for one or two nights. Let your guests enjoy your event to the full. This generous hotel configuration will allow you to have a longer and more comfortable reception. From now on, you have an appointment with the dawn. The next day, it’s up to you to gather for brunch at the Oriental Pavilion or at the pool. Indeed, this slightly out-of-the-way and rather privileged area allows you to stay on site until 3pm on the day of your departure.

Be prepared and get your bearings

Hosting several dozen or even few hundred guests is not easy to organize. To this end, the Château de Vallery has put some useful and indispensable documents at your disposal on its website. First of all, you will find below details of the rooms and accommodation at the chateau with their photos and characteristics. You can also request a virtual visit at any time to help you (re)see the rooms without having to travel.
On this page you will also find a map of the nearby accommodation, an interactive list of these lodgings and hotels located by GPS and reachable with a "click to call". Essential for you and your guests if you need to visit or get there quickly. All you have to do is let yourself be guided!
Finally, decide beforehand on the choice of your bridal suite and another one to prepare each of you on your side (each one its own space before the wedding! at least for the dressing). Indeed, the embarrassment of choice can be delicate because this French chateau with bedrooms hosts several suites and accommodations. A true delight for the future bride and groom: the Charlotte de Montmorency bedroom, in the Renaissance attic, the Loft suite, overlooking the estate and its swimming pool, the Dovecote suite, more central and lastly Nirvana in the Palm Grove.

The chateau’s rooms

Each accommodation has its own universe for all sensibilities. The History of France is at the bedside of the bride and groom and their guests. Then Orient illuminates the old stables above the Pavilion. The triplex bridal suite in the largest dovecote in France is also a highlight. Then, four rooms frame the small oasis of the Palm Grove.
Bali and the Middle Ages, a daring marriage in the oldest part of the estate. A great way to extend your wedding at the chateau to the next day or two, accompanied by your guests; knowing that the rental lasts until the day after D-day, or even until the day after.

Some special features

What makes the rooms on the estate so romantic and atypical?

  • For one or two nights, this estate is exclusively yours. However, each room is equipped with bath sheets, a small basket of bath products, mineral water, etc. Also, the "fabulous team" of the chateau is at your disposal at any moment.
  • 2 suites in the medieval chateau welcome your guests on the ground floor. The Suite des Ducs has been adapted for people with limited mobility.
  • Vintage rooms and suites in the Renaissance and medieval parts, have all been restored in their architectural and historical context. Thus, old floor tiles, parquet floors, rare tapestries and lime cover the floors and walls. The most recent rooms, the Dovecot, Palm Grove and Oriental ones, are original creations, often with exotic destinations.
  • Restored over the past two decades, the rooms are equipped with modern facilities and all are heated. Most have 2x2 meters king-size four-poster beds.
Only 6 suites have a bathroom each which allows families to be grouped into a master bedroom and children’s room(s). Finally, as with the other rooms and accommodation at the chateau, the suites have a safe. You can find all information on the Château de Vallery Book.
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PDF plan
Château de Vallery lys

The Dovecote

the dovecote of the chateau, a bridal suite for wedding
dovecote nuptial suite
Chateau with accommodation near Paris

Under the starry Burgundy sky

The largest Dovecote in France: a bridal suite unique in the world which develops on 3 levels under the sign of water, stars and wonder. It overlooks the chateau de Vallery and its park, which is lit up by a thousand torches in the evening. The small path that links the medieval chateau to the Oriental Pavilion leads to the Dovecote and the Palm grove, nestled in the 12th century ramparts. Entirely rebuilt in 2006, this monument has retained its architectural origins but benefits from contemporary facilities.

What vocation?

Its 2,844 pigeon holes, monolithic bathtub and overhead lighting make the Dovecote one of the Chateau’s favorite rooms. Slightly rivalled by the Loft suite or the Renaissance Charlotte de Montmorency room, the Dovecote offers many advantages to its guests. This is why it is very often requested as the bridal suite for the chateau’s weddings. And for good reason...

Diameters, radius, curves...

3 levels linked by a spiral staircase of patinated metal over 8 meters high. A sober and traditional architecture with a circular shape; the monolithic stone bathtub on the ground floor echoes the structure dressed with its pigeon holes. Also, on the first floor, the bed base and mattress with a diameter of 2.30 meters are aligned with the circular hopper. Finally, a passageway serves as a mezzanine in line with the zenithal glass roof.

Astronomy and celestial arching

So, no angles here, rounds and curves reign with noble fabrics. A few frosted glass slabs engraved with doves taking flight; a subliminal message for the Vallery bride and groom! Expanded metal, stained glass, Burgundy stone, limestone and parquet floors are the backdrop for an astronomical telescope, an encyclopedic grimoire about the Milky Way... As a result, the celestial vault no longer holds any secrets for the visitors to the dovecote dedicated to the stars and the moon.

the Dovecote, one of nuptial suite of the chateau
bed ø210 at first floor - bath on ground floor - Bluetooth Amplifier
nuptial suite PDF

hébergements dans le Pigeonnier du château

Le Pigeonnier
The Dovecote

salle de bain de la suite nuptiale

Bains du Pigeonnier
Dovecote bathroom

vue plongeante sur la suite nuptiale

Vue depuis la verrière
View from the canopy

chambre du Pigeonnier au Château de Vallery

Chambre suite nuptiale
Bridal suite room

chambre du Pigeonnier au Château de Vallery

Verrière du Pigeonnier
Glass roof of the Dovecot

chambre du Pigeonnier au Château de Vallery

L'escalier de la suite
Stairway of the Dovecote

les mariées s'y préparent souvent

Une des suites nuptiales
Chateau's Nuptial suite

plus près des étoiles de Bourgogne

Mezzanine du Pigeonnier
Dovecote mezzanine

lys du Château de Vallery

The Renaissance rooms

Tulipe room, one of the 28 bedrooms of the chateau
French chateau with bedrooms Lierre bedroom
Renaissance bedrooms in the chateau for weddings

Renaissance (hi)stories

In the heart of the Renaissance chateau, historic rooms, 17th century wallpaper, four-poster beds in a meticulously restored setting. The herringbone parquet floors, the period floor tiles and the bathrooms have been completely renovated. Some of the rooms are double rooms and others are family suites. Arrange the distribution of your guests according to the 16 rooms and accommodations in the Renaissance chateau on its 4 levels.

Princes and sovereigns

The fireplaces in each of the rooms attest to their authenticity. It should also be noted that for safety reasons, these fireplaces have been closed off. However, the temperatures here are very pleasant; they are all centrally heated. Despite major changes in the 1990s, the Renaissance chateau has retained its history.
And what a history! It is a testimony to the fact that the kings of France, Henry II, Henry IV and Louis XIII, all stayed here. Some of the rooms in the Renaissance chateau have been named after these illustrious kings. The Bourbon-Condé family branch, which lived in Vallery up to the time of the Grand Condé, should be mentioned here. The Princesses and Princes of Condé are buried under the high altar of the church of Vallery little village.

French chateau with bedrooms

King size beds, linen and hospitality products are dedicated to your comfort. A haven of peace in a historical context. Browns, greys, ochres, golds and ivories are the dominant tones in this Renaissance masterpiece. And this for one, two or more nights just for you and your guests. Time will stand still for your party alone... for a spiritual journey into the pale dawn.

Easily accessible

This French chateau with bedrooms offers easy access via the main stone spiral staircase and a second straight wooden staircase. Thus, from the mezzanine to the attic, you can take either one and follow the signs to reach your flats. There are no rooms on the ground floor in the Renaissance part of the building; it is reserved for the wedding reception. Only one room is on the upper floor: the Salle des Tentures, which is not intended to host nightly festivities without time limits.
Moreover, this large reception room is coveted for cocktails or dinner. Afterwards, dancing will take place in the Grande Galerie or the Music Room until the early hours of the morning. This way, the bedroom occupants will not have to endure any noise disturbance or joyful night-time entertainment. Especially since they will be taking part in the festivities!

Renaissance chateau mezzanine

double room - bed 180 x 200 - bath in the room
PDF file of the wedding room

twin beds (90x190) - bath
bedroom PDF

double room - bed 180 x 200 - bath
wedding room file

Renaissance chateau first floor

double room - bed 200 x 200 - bath in the room - Bluetooth Amplifier
wedding room PDF

double room - bed 160 x 200 - shared bath with Lierre II
accommodation file

single bed (90x200) and child's bed (80x160) - shared bath with Lierre I
Salle de bains partagée avec Lierre I
PDF french wedding bedroom

double room - bed 200 x 200 - bath
PDF file of the room

double room - bed 200 x 200 - bath
PDF wedding accommodation

Renaissance chateau's second floor

double room - bed 200 x 200 - bath in the room
wedding accommodation PDF

double (140 x 200) and single bed (90 x 190) - bath
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double room - (bed 160 x 200) - Shared bath with St André II & III
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double (160 x 200) and single bed (120 x 190) - shared bath with St André I & III
chateau's rooom PDF file

twin beds (110 x 190) - shared bath with St André I & II
bedroom PDF file

Renaissance castle attic

double room - bed 200 x 200 - bath - Bluetooth Amplifier
wedding suite PDF file

double room - bed 200 x 200 - bath
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double room (bed 200 x 200) and little child's bed (bed 90 x 180) - bath
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chateau's coat of arms

The oriental rooms

Sahara bedroom in the Oriental Pavilion
oriental bedroom of the Château de Vallery
oriental bedrooms in the pavilion

The Loft Bridal Suite

Of the 28 rooms on the estate, 3 are inspired by the charms of the Orient. Among them, the Loft: a duplex of 150 m2 and its large bay window opening onto the large pool. On the other hand, more sheltered and overlooking the 12th century ramparts: Sahara and Levant, both in the typical style of Marrakech. As the millennium changed, the former stable of the chateau was transformed into the "Oriental Pavilion". The building is equipped with modern facilities and heating, ideal for winter and mid-season weddings.
The living room of the Loft, with its Balinese accents, allows you to reside on the first floor of the Pavilion thanks to a fully equipped kitchen. So, on the eve of your reception, dine opposite the Renaissance chateau and the wisteria of the Rose Garden. The Loft suite takes us on a journey in the footsteps of Magellan and Vasco de Gama. Persian and Afghan carpets and kilims adorn the rustic floor tiles on these two levels. The Loft and the rooms are decorated with furniture, lanterns and trinkets from the East and sometimes even from Indonesia.

What vocation?

Obviously, some couples choose the Loft Bridal Suite for its location. The large bay window and the south-facing windows overlook the entire estate. It is therefore possible to supervise the arrangements for a wedding reception while enjoying the chateau’s majesty and tranquility. In addition, the swimming pool is directly accessible to the occupants of this exotic suite. Others choose it for its configuration. And rightly so, the bride and groom enjoy the Loft room, while close family or witnesses reside in the neighbouring Sahara and Levant rooms.
Moreover, these three rooms welcome their guests, just above the Oriental Pavilion reception hall called "Riad". Thus, the proximity of the suite to this hall and the swimming pool during a wedding, offers a very practical and pleasant access. For it is here that Tajines or Couscous are served on the eve or the day after a wedding. Here, 1 hour from Paris, in a setting that inspires the route and trade of spices from antiquity to the Renaissance.

Oriental Pavilion bedrooms and bridal suite

double room - bed 160 x 200 - bath - Bluetooth Amplifier
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double room - bed 160 x 200 - shared bath with Levant
oriental bedroom PDF file

double room - bed 200 x 200 - shared bath with Sahara
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Château de Vallery's lys

The chateau’s Palm Grove

Balinese room in the Palmeraie
Nirvana room in the palm grove
France wedding package: Chateau de Vallery

Teak, sand and palm trees

The teak and sandalwood rooms open onto an enclosed garden with date palms and century-old olive trees. This is why the grass here is replaced by sand. In the heart of this Garden of Eden, a small hot water pool and a shelter called "Gazebo" are a natural extension of the rooms. Veiled canopies and furniture exude the scent of teak oil and incense.

4authentic and cosy rooms

Nirvana and Figuier welcome your guests with their own access and bathroom. Both are independent and each is housed in its own little pavilion. First, Figuier faces the swimming pool, hidden by its hedge and its specific access. Then, Nirvana faces the Gazebo, the heart of this lush and exotic garden of palm trees and bamboos. On the other side of this small kiosk, Samsara and Darjeeling share a sumptuous bathroom in the center of the building. Also, this equatorial garden is enclosed by the medieval ramparts on one side and the Dovecote on the other.

The Middle Ages dressed in exoticism

At the bend in the small path, a Buddha carved in tamarind roots slumbers, then the monumental bronze head of an elephant emerges from the 12th century ramparts. Further on, a stone apsara carries a jug on her shoulder. Here, in the heart of this small oasis, everything is "luxury, calm and pleasure" for your stay on the Vallery estate, its rooms and accommodation.

Exotic, unique and comfortable

The Gazebo with its massive teak wood sofa faces the small hot water pool. This bath seems to be well guarded by the colossal elephant head carved in bronze. The bathrooms here are equipped with hydromassage bathtubs. Discreet and indirect, the lighting marks out a narrow and sinuous path that crosses the sandy expanse and joins the rooms to the terrace of the Gazebo and the pool. Finally, here again and always, the rooms and bathrooms are fully heated for your off-season stays. And to contemplate this Palm Grove under the snow is another extraordinary sight!

Palm grove four bedrooms

double room - bed 160 x 200 - bath
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double room - bed 160 x 200 - shared bath with Samsara
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double room - bed 160 x 200 - shared bath with Darjeeling
Palm grove file

double room - bed 180 x 200 - bath
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Château de Vallery's lys

The medieval rooms

Dame Blanche one of the four medieval chateau bedroom
the medieval chateau of Vallery, Paris area
Chateau de Vallery, luxury weddings in France

From the Middle Ages to today

The "Vieux Château" welcomes you between the postern and a shooting tower at the beginning of the ramparts. In the 12th century, the knight Jehan de Vallery built a vast citadel that could house 5000 soldiers. From this medieval architecture remain the ramparts, the vaulted cellars, the postern and the medieval chateau. This building survived the Renaissance wing in its extension, which was built three centuries later but destroyed in the 19th century. Then, in the 20th century, transformed into a hunting lodge, this medieval chateau valiantly withstood the harsh tests of history and the rough weather.
Finally, the old chateau was restored in 1993, from its roof to its underground passages! An underground gallery does exist in the grounds of Vallery, accessible from this building at the foot of one of the postern’s vaults. It is said that these underground passages led to Fontainebleau and Sens before collapsing here and there. Here again, the history of the chateau is mixed with the legends of Vallery.

What vocation?

4 rooms on the same level as the park will tell you about the crusades in which the then master, Jehan de Vallery, took part. Among these rooms, the large Grand Duc and Petit Duc suite is equipped and fitted out for people with reduced mobility. This suite has a recently refurbished walk-in bathroom with a monolithic square bathtub made of Burgundy stone and decorated with delicate sculpted busts. Another suite, also with two bedrooms, "Dame Blanche" and "Chouette" share a bathroom.
These 4 flats are named after the birds that have inhabited this medieval area since the beginning of time. This French chateau with bedrooms, in keeping with the 24 other accommodations is heated and equipped with bath products, towels, etc. Here again, an ambitious marriage between history and travel, the Middle Ages and Indonesia, Souppes stone and Bali is proposed. On the floor, tiled floors and oriental carpets, stone and lime on the walls, Balinese canopy and subdued lighting will invite you to dream.

four medieval and wedding accommmodation

double room - bed 160 x 200 - shared bath with Dame Blanche
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double room - bed 200 x 200 - shared bath with Chouette
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double room - bed 180 x 200 - shared bath with Grand Duc - Access for the disabled
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double room - bed 180 x 200 - shared bath with Petit Duc - Access for the disabled
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