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ecusson Château de Vallery

Visit a French chateau, your chateau!

Astay of all freedoms

Château de Vallery, 12th and 16th centuries, is open to your reception with no limits in time or space, from the day before until 3pm the next day with breakfast by the pool. Between its 5-hectare park and its large historic rooms, you are at home in complete exclusivity with no time limit in the night. The grounds and halls welcome weddings and ceremonies and long walks that can lead to the bridle paths of the 60 hectares of forest, the bucolic setting of the Renaissance castle.

Suites and guest rooms

28 rooms and suites are available for stays of one or two nights or more in the castle. Two rooms are preferred for the preparations; the bride will often opt for the historic Grand Condé, accompanied by the bridesmaids. The groom, on the other hand, will choose the Loft suite with its lounge overlooking the pool. Both can request the Dovecote, the bridal suite with its monumental glass roof under the constellations of the French sky. Your guests will enjoy the other accommodations on the estate, half 12th century, half 16th century, or the nearby guest rooms. 👉 See the chateau's bedrooms...

AFrench chateau with multi-purpose large rooms

The reception rooms are dedicated to your party, cocktail, dinner and ball but also to your ceremony. All four rooms are included in this French château rental and are perfectly versatile. The Salle des Tentures, for example, can be transformed into a synagogue or a dining room. It also can be used as a play area for babies and youngsters accompanied by their babysitters.

Adjoining the castle, the Music Room can accommodate up to 300 guests, not to mention the outdoor areas such as the Arbour for a further 150 guests. 👉 See the reception rooms of Château de Vallery...

Visit France from your living room?

Don't hesitate to contact the "fabulous team" for a complete visit of this French chateau for your wedding near Paris, by video conference via the application of your choice. The estate can also be discovered via a virtual tour illustrated with numerous video sequences, plans and photos. You can explore the remains and gardens set within the medieval ramparts of the citadel up to the beautiful church of the small village of Vallery. The best thing to do is to visit the château itself, already in Burgundy and still in Ile-de-France! 👉 Take a virtual tour and visit to the château...

chateau's music room
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Ceremonial gardens

The yew park, the nerve center of the celebration, opens onto the Arbour and its hanging gardens, and onto the great chestnut tree that hosts the fireworks show under the skies of France. Behind this monumental tree, king of the park, stands the Dovecote, an atypical bridal suite, the Palme Grove and its Balinese rooms around an authentic gazebo, and the Rose Garden, which also welcomes rabbis, pastors and officiants.

Château, France... and swimming pool

In this French castle, no small salons but large historic halls to offer to your guests. Rather than a hotel service, rooms of character with king size beds and bathrooms in the heart of Château de Vallery and guest rooms in the surrounding area. No seminars, no one but you during your stay. Under the park: the vaulted cellars from the 12th century; this is where your reception can begin. Then the party takes place over 2 or 3 days and very often ends around the swimming pool which overlooks the premises. Not a royal château but a romantic venue. 👉 See the swimming pool of the Château de Vallery...

The Book, a small collection of a large work...

The Book of the chateau lists all the information you need for your reception an essential document if you live far from France. The plans of the rooms and park are presented in configurations. Several examples of layouts for cocktails, dinners and balls will inspire your event (as will the testimonials from the Vallery bride and groom).. The map of the rooms with their location and equipment precedes the map of the B&Bs and hotels in the vicinity of the chateau. book your chateau

The most valuable service providers are also listed, as well as accommodation in the area and the history of this beautiful castle, which evokes the Grand Condé, the kings of France Henri IV and Louis XIII on the Princes' lands. The Chateau de Vallery is particularly illustrated with recent and beautiful photos to help you project yourself into this French castle. This PDF document, accessible from the site, is given to you in paper form at the end of your tour to the site. However, it synthesizes all the information and content that can already be consulted on the pages of this website. 👉 Discover the Book to visit the castle...
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