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Wedding videos at the  Chateau

Discover the magical world of video weddings: relive unique moments captured by our brides and grooms and highlighted by talented directors. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the chateau through unique wedding sequences and plunge into the heart of moments immortalised in France and forever.
shooting wedding design
by J. Vansteenberghe
Aurelia Planterose's film
by A. Planterose
dance and wedding shoot in march
by MoonRiver Prod
Aurelia Planterose's film
by M. de Nigris
the mad chase
by J. Vansteenberghe & Ch. David
video of a wonderful wedding
by Zen Film Works

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A video wedding?

To preserve the magic of a wedding, some future brides and grooms call on video professionals. What could be more enchanting than to recreate the emotion of a reception in a majestic chateau in the heart of France? As well as capturing the key moments of the day, wedding videos capture the romance and authenticity of this historic and unusual venue. Drone shots, panoramic views and close-ups of architectural details add a cinematic dimension, making the moment unique and unforgettable. Every corner of the chateau is the perfect setting for an original video sequence.

Parks and gardens also provide natural backdrops for open-air film shoots. They help to create images worthy of fairytales. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the video captures the very essence of the romance and elegance of a wedding: the spontaneous expressions of the bride and groom, shared laughter, speeches from friends and family, emotion and tenderness. The chemistry between the wedding and the chateau makes the film more than just a documentation. Each couple can relive the highlights of their stay just 1 hour from Paris... memories to last a lifetime. These video extracts are sure to convince you.

lys du Château de Vallery lily flower

Shooting a visit
by Jonathan Vansteenberghe

The chateau's "fabulous team" had the privilege of following Bellissime Paris for two days. A unique photo shoot based around its bridal design across the different atmospheres of the site; a simply magnificent event! It also highlighted the exquisite transformation of the chateau's grounds. The estate now boasts breathtaking hanging gardens, nestling between the Yew-tree Park and the enchanting forest. These terraced gardens link the Music Room and its Arbour to the Rose Garden, the romantic setting for wedding ceremonies opposite the Yew-tree Park.

Located just a hundred kilometres from Paris and its airports, Château de Vallery is not just a wedding venue. It's the backdrop to a fairytale that's just waiting to come to life with your event, with you. Don't hesitate to visit every nook and cranny of this wedding venue and let your imagination run wild as you discover the infinite possibilities the estate has to offer. Whether you're planning an intimate celebration or a grand reception, Château de Vallery is the canvas on which you can paint your most cherished memories.

lys du Château de Vallery lily flower

Jeanne and Laurent
By Aurélia Planterose Filmmaker

Moments of grace, majesty and passion... a fire juggler sets the torch-lit park ablaze at the heart of Jeanne and Laurent's reception. That night, in the darkness punctuated by luminous fountains and other garlands of guinguettes, dessert was served in the central square before the champagne pyramid (one of those beverages for which France has the secret).

And then, in a flashback, Aurélia Planterose lets us discover the chateau during the preparations on the eve of the wedding. The bucolic photos of the bride and groom in the June sunshine, the pool for the occasion. Then it's back to the big day, with the ceremony in the Vallery church, the medieval cellars, the Rose Garden and the Grande Galerie Pierre Lescot...

lys du Château de Vallery lily flower

Dance With Me (choreography and wedding)
by MoonRiver Prod

The chateau, always curious about all the arts, once again hosted a highly successful combination of dance and wedding in the convincing early spring sunshine. As for the recent Hanging Gardens, they now support a brand-new monumental staircase linking the 60 hectares of forest to the espalier terraces. This is where the wedding banquet takes place, amidst olive trees, mythological statues and a monumental brazier. Then three talented dancers who will take their aerial steps through the hanging gardens to the edge of the forest.

The dancers will then venture into the Oriental Pavilion and its swimming pool. They will then pass through the bridal suite of the Dovecote and the Loft overlooking the large pool, before stopping for a moment and inviting the bride to throw her bouquet to the bridesmaids. The choreographed lovemaking continues inside the chateau's large halls: Grande Galerie and Music Room and will finally give way to the final touch of a wedding at Château de Vallery: fireworks and blaze of fire throughout the estate.

lys du Château de Vallery lily flower

They said "oui" : N&L’s French wedding venue
by Marco de Nigris

Natalia & Leo, "the Bronshteyn" as Marco de Nigris called them in the opening of his film, got married at the chateau in spring 2022. It was around the swimming pool that they met up with their guests on 29 May for a delightful two-day, two-night stay.

For the preparations, the bride and groom already had their own ideas... Natalia chose the Grand Condé bedroom, on the first floor of the Renaissance chateau. Leo, for his part, preferred the charms of the Dovecote bridal suite, under the sign of the moon and the constellations.

Among the chateau's large reception halls, the Grande Galerie Pierre Lescot, built in 1560, hosted their religious ceremony under a majestic canopy of white roses.

Then, at the end of the dinner, the first dance was held in the Music Room, on the same level as the park. Then the bride and groom and their guests enjoyed a sumptuous firework display and blaze behind the thousand torches of the yew garden, under the starry Burgundy sky. Finally, the band made the night vibrate in the Grande Galerie.

lys du Château de Vallery lily flower

The Mad Quest
by Jonathan Vansteenberghe & Charles David

Vallery and its estate. A land of welcome for all lovers who plan to get married. This domain also remains one of those places of refuge of historical importance, guardian of intense sensations and multiple sensibilities. These blossom at the end of authentic and enchanting festivities in the lands of the Princesses and Princes of Condé.

In this video clip, the famous singer Chloé Chaume performs Handel's "Lascia ch'io pianga dal Rinaldo" live. Highly recommended by Vallery, our soprano proves to be as talented as a singer as she is as a performer! You can also discover Chloé performing another masterpiece directed by Luciano Acocella as well as her performances for wedding ceremonies and receptions at the chateau.

The Mad Quest is a maze of scenes evolving through the Vallery estate. The course of events is more or less the same as for a wedding reception. The filming is demanding and celebrates the apotheosis of love in the harshest of weather; it is said that grace and love are not particularly dependent on the warm weather. The snow and the cold are often the order of the day, and winter weddings in this fully heated chateau are a wonder to behold.

For this Jonathan Vansteenberghe and Charles David video clip, the dresses are by Cymbeline. Philippe Ferrandis has made his jewellery available. Thanks also to Haras de la Merlucherie for its friendly assistance. Finally, the effects and lights are Bounz'Events creation who regularly perform at the chateau for wedding receptions.

lys du Château de Vallery lily flower

A beautiful wedding at Château de Vallery
by Zen Film Works

Château de Vallery hosted this intimate family wedding at the start of a mild spring in mid-April. The 3-day event was brought to life by the best wedding planners and designers, supported by prestigious artists and service providers. On the big day, the ceremony took place in the Rose Garden under wisteria in bloom, between monumental vases of roses in a thousand fragrances and colours. The wedding ceremony was punctuated by a tightrope walker, a caricaturist and a string quartet... in the yew park, where the cocktail reception was held.

The meal was then served in the Pierre Lescot gallery, with its richly tablecloth-lined tables adorned with candelabras and candleholders and decorated with lush greenery. The wedding cake and champagne pyramid were served here. The ball will be opened there after an exhilarating show by a fire juggler in the park, followed by a generous fireworks display, with scenes exploding from the medieval ramparts, the postern and near the great chestnut tree, whose spring blossom will have been no match for the Bengal fires.

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