Wedding videos at the  Chateau

Discover the magical world of video weddings: relive unique moments captured by our brides and grooms and highlighted by talented directors. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the chateau through unique wedding sequences and plunge into the heart of moments immortalised in France and forever.
Only You
by J. Vansteenberghe
Aurelia Planterose's film
by A. Planterose
Marco de Nigris movie maker
by M. de Nigris
fly over the chateau
by J. Vansteenberghe
video by Bozz Wedding
by Bozz Wedding
film of a reception
by R. Iveson
the mad chase
by J. Vansteenberghe & Ch. David
Vallery voices
by J. Vansteenberghe & Ch. David
Julie and Benjamin
by Apyfilm
Ping Pang Films
by Ping Pang Films
a wedding in Vallery
by Simply Lovely
Oriental dance at the Pavillon
by Azalea
fireworks compilation 100km from Paris
by J. Vansteenberghe
shooting wedding design
by J. Vansteenberghe
Histoire Vraie Production
by Histoire Vraie
Mariage Motion video clip
by Mariage Motion
séjour de 3 jours en été
par W’eye NOT Prod.

A video wedding?

To preserve the magic of a wedding, some future brides and grooms call on video professionals. What could be more enchanting than to recreate the emotion of a reception in a majestic chateau in the heart of France? As well as capturing the key moments of the day, wedding videos capture the romance and authenticity of this historic and unusual venue. Drone shots, panoramic views and close-ups of architectural details add a cinematic dimension, making the moment unique and unforgettable. Every corner of the chateau is the perfect setting for an original video sequence.

Parks and gardens also provide natural backdrops for open-air film shoots. They help to create images worthy of fairytales. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the video captures the very essence of the romance and elegance of a wedding: the spontaneous expressions of the bride and groom, shared laughter, speeches from friends and family, emotion and tenderness. The chemistry between the wedding and the chateau makes the film more than just a documentation. Each couple can relive the highlights of their stay just 1 hour from Paris... memories to last a lifetime. These video extracts are sure to convince you.

Chateau de Vallery

Shooting clip "Only You"
by Jonathan Vansteenberghe

Here is the video clip of a photo shooting that shows that weddings at Château de Vallery begin, at first, as a series of images that quickly transform into amazing memories. There are no words to describe the experience of a wedding at Château de Vallery, any writer would find it indescribable and it remains unrivalled as one of the most romantic venues in France. It's impossible to imagine a more idyllic chateau for your wedding or photo shoot.

Vallery is a place where different traditions and cultures meet, where they come together to marry and respect each other. Vallery is built from tradition and the celebration of marriage is considered by the Château to be the most sacred of those traditions. On this video clip, Cymbeline, Johann costumes in Paris, Bounz' Events luminous creations and talented influential models, allow us to dream about the festivities of tomorrow and forever in Vallery.

Chateau de Vallery

Jeanne and Laurent
By Aurélia Planterose Filmmaker

Moments of grace, majesty and passion... a fire juggler sets the torch-lit park ablaze at the heart of Jeanne and Laurent's reception. That night, in the darkness punctuated by luminous fountains and other garlands of guinguettes, dessert was served in the central square before the champagne pyramid (one of those beverages for which France has the secret).

And then, in a flashback, Aurélia Planterose lets us discover the chateau during the preparations on the eve of the wedding. The bucolic photos of the bride and groom in the June sunshine, the pool for the occasion. Then it's back to the big day, with the ceremony in the Vallery church, the medieval cellars, the Rose Garden and the Grande Galerie Pierre Lescot...

Chateau de Vallery

They said "oui" : N&L’s French wedding venue
by Marco de Nigris

Natalia & Leo, "the Bronshteyn" as Marco de Nigris called them in the opening of his film, got married at the chateau in spring 2022. It was around the swimming pool that they met up with their guests on 29 May for a delightful two-day, two-night stay.

For the preparations, the bride and groom already had their own ideas... Natalia chose the Grand Condé bedroom, on the first floor of the Renaissance chateau. Leo, for his part, preferred the charms of the Dovecote bridal suite, under the sign of the moon and the constellations.

Among the chateau's large reception halls, the Grande Galerie Pierre Lescot, built in 1560, hosted their religious ceremony under a majestic canopy of white roses.

Then, at the end of the dinner, the first dance was held in the Music Room, on the same level as the park. Then the bride and groom and their guests enjoyed a sumptuous firework display and blaze behind the thousand torches of the yew garden, under the starry Burgundy sky. Finally, the band made the night vibrate in the Grande Galerie.

Chateau de Vallery

Flight over the Citadel
by Jonathan Vansteenberghe

Château de Vallery remains a paradise for owls, elves and muses. All invite themselves, in the starry skies of Burgundy, to contemplate the romantic celebrations of this "Citadel of the Princes of the Muses and of the Night..." Staging stimulates and intensifies emotions. As soon as the château was brought back to life in the 1990s, we introduced certain rituals – to accompany a winetasting in the cellars, for example.

On the day before the wedding, the bride and groom enter into the 12th century vaulted cellars and revel for a moment in the flame-studded darkness before being joined by their guests, who have gathered in the moat.

The various entrances around the château are lit up by torchlight: the rose garden, the postern, the Oriental Pavilion and the cellars. These flames, too, are loaded with meaning; they are evocative and protective. Celebrations trap us in the heart of such staging, heightening what may be on our mind...

It is up to you to define a concept to give more strength, more memory to your celebration. The chateau will be able to help you so that your concept emerges as well for the "save the date", the table plan, the dress-code as the writing of the menus or the floral decoration.

Chateau de Vallery

Video, chateau, France for Hei and Manfi
by Bozz Wedding

In the summer of 2019, Hei and Manfi decide to plan their wedding outdoors. They prefer an open-air event in the many bucolic locations on the estate to the large reception rooms. A physical distancing before their time... Due to their culture?

Or did the Renaissance chateau’s sunset facade particularly appeal to these bride and groom to be? It is the product of both hypotheses that has created this alchemy. It is undeniable that the magic worked, enhanced by the July sky, the Burgundy sun and the rich history of the venue.

Bozz Wedding cuts out the scenes and blurs the wedding chronology to the viewer’s greater delight. Magic, elegance and mystery emerge from this copper, ochre, sepia and emerald coloured clip. This opus marvellously relates the enchanting ambiances of this wedding, amazed by the couple's youth and wonderful innocence.

The video maker sweeps away the singularities of the estate such as the Renaissance castle and its central square framed by its yew hedges. In the foreground is the large chestnut tree and its swing on which Hei rocks Manfi. The largest dovecote in France and the 60-hectare forest cannot escape the eye of Bozz Wedding.

Later, the bride and groom join their guests already settled in long tables. It is therefore behind the Renaissance chateau that dinner takes place with a kind of guinguette’s apearance. The moat, the seven-trunk sycamore tree and the edge of the forest form the backdrop of this theatre where the rules of classical theatre seem to reign here.

In 1674, Boileau in "L'art poétique" summed up his constraints as follows: "Let in one place, in one day, a single accomplished fact, keep the theatre full until the end". Then follow a flashback to the park laid out for the ceremony, the highlight of which is the moving speech by the bride and groom. Here and according to Edgar Allan Poe: "In summer, at night, noises are celebrating".

Bozz Wedding videographer, offers us a fabulous 6-minute video. Bozz is based in Hong Kong but has managed to find his way to Château de Vallery for Hei and Manfi's wedding. For Bozz Wedding, marriage is an intimate and authentic affair that has to generate emotions and surprises for the bride and groom and their guests.

In addition to his passion for weddings, Bozz produces music videos, commercials and corporate films for television. The chateau’s muses and fauns are longing for Bozz Wedding to be back and for time to suspend its flight again.

lys du Château de Vallery

Seun and Toye’s wedding
by Reece Iveson, videographer

Here’s the wedding of Seun and Toye at Château de Vallery. Images are courtesy of Reece Iveson videography, based in Marbella, Spain. He had the pleasure of filming beautiful weddings all over the world since 2015. Here, Reece shows us that he perfectly captured the "Vallery spirit" by making this superb clip. Indeed, the main thread of the clip is regularly punctuated by the ceremonial sequence at the church.

This makes it a romantic and original masterpiece. Discover an authentic international wedding, such as the Château de Vallery knows how to host. It is this nuptial kingdom that Seun and Toye chose to spend several days in absolute freedom. For their D-day, they took advantage of all the rooms, bedrooms and suites. They particularly appreciated the heated swimming pool which overlooks the park lit by torches and sounded with the music of their choice.

Indeed, they felt free to welcome their guests exclusively the day before. They celebrated their marriage at the church in the small village of Vallery. After dancing all night long, Seun and Toye invited their guests to stay until the next afternoon around the pool for breakfast and brunch. They also had the freedom to choose their caterer like all the other providers. Bride and groom’s cultures, traditions and love have also contributed to the rebirth of the estate. Château de Vallery keeps deep and precious memories of Seun and Toye's stay.

It is also thanks to the work of their videographer Reece Iveson. The team of the Château de Vallery participated in the organization of the wedding of Seun and Toye. Their reception proved to be a real stay in time and space at the castle that knows how to combine history and exoticism. Once again, video, chateau, France have come together for Seun and Toye

lys du Château de Vallery

The Mad Quest
by Jonathan Vansteenberghe & Charles David

Vallery and its estate. A land of welcome for all lovers who plan to get married. This domain also remains one of those places of refuge of historical importance, guardian of intense sensations and multiple sensibilities. These blossom at the end of authentic and enchanting festivities in the lands of the Princesses and Princes of Condé.

In this video clip, the famous singer Chloé Chaume performs Handel's "Lascia ch'io pianga dal Rinaldo" live. Highly recommended by Vallery, our soprano proves to be as talented as a singer as she is as a performer! You can also discover Chloé performing another masterpiece directed by Luciano Acocella as well as her performances for wedding ceremonies and receptions at the chateau.

The Mad Quest is a maze of scenes evolving through the Vallery estate. The course of events is more or less the same as for a wedding reception. The filming is demanding and celebrates the apotheosis of love in the harshest of weather; it is said that grace and love are not particularly dependent on the warm weather. The snow and the cold are often the order of the day, and winter weddings in this fully heated chateau are a wonder to behold.

For this Jonathan Vansteenberghe and Charles David video clip, the dresses are by Cymbeline. Philippe Ferrandis has made his jewellery available. Thanks also to Haras de la Merlucherie for its friendly assistance. Finally, the effects and lights are Bounz'Events creation who regularly perform at the chateau for wedding receptions.

Château de Vallery lys

Vallery Voices "La Traviata"
by Jonathan Vansteenberghe & Charles David

Here we find Chloé again, this time joined by Jérôme Verrecchia, baritone and pianist, in "Vallery Voices", a new Jonathan Vansteenberghe and Charles David production. These two exceptional opera singers perform an extract from Verdi's opera La Traviata. They also put all their talents and expertise for your wedding reception; from the celebration to the fireworks announcement, in the chateau grounds. They also delight the medieval cellars and their great wines tasting!

Inspired by Alexandre Dumas' novel La Dame aux Camélias, Giuseppe Verdi wrote La Traviata in 1852. Violetta Valéry, the heroine of this three acts opera, is performed by Jeade Pasquier. Nuptial dresses are by Cymbeline, jewellery by Philippe Ferrandis. Hair and make-up are by Elia Boudinot and Aure-Anne Tholance. Like for Chloé and Jérôme, lyric singers for weddings, do not hesitate to call upon them via the service providers recommended directory of the chateau.

lys flower for videos

Julie and Benjamin
By Apyfilm

On 29 September, they said yes to each other in Paris. Then Julie, Benjamin and their guests travelled to the land of the Princes of Condé. It was there that Apyfilm turned from shades of grey to colour. And what colours! A truly radiant autumn, mixing greens and oranges with the ochres and reds of the Renaissance chateau.

Dancing takes pride of place in the Music Room, overflowing with guests who know how to honour the festivities of these bride and groom. The same guests who chose the 7-trunk Sycamore tree for their religious ceremony, then lined the central square with a few exotic camels! And the dancing goes on all night long.

Chateau de Vallery

Weddings and chateau
By Ping Pang Films

The artistic style of Ping Pang Films, played by Tuan Nguyen, is amply imbued with cinema. Tuan marks this video opus with his paw of aesthete thanks to which poetry is edged with intense emotions. Here, you’ll see all the qualities to restore the Vallery estate's assets and the singularity of this wedding venue. The cultural and ethnic mix is honored and Tuan has captured this particularity dear to the chateau.

Ping Pang Films has been building a solid reputation in the bridal world since 2011. In 9 years of activity, more than 300 weddings have been marked to his credit. His strong love for image, emotion and purity has naturally led him to the hushed world of weddings. He has also been able to invest his art in other fields such as fashion, music and corporate. This could only enrich his talent.

Thus, Tuan leads us between the chateau’s large halls and the central square, the nerve center of the estate. Indeed, the park is omnipresent in the film; from the day before the wedding by daylight to the night for the fireworks and flashovers before the first dance in the Grande Galerie. It is a fact that this central square is sounded from the bride and groom's playlist and lit by torches as soon as night falls.

The director directs his gaze on the Grande Galerie during a Jewish ceremony and then on the Music Room set up for a wedding dinner. The church of Vallery will also be honored as well as the chateau’s Arbour and the Rose Garden. Time stands still for the bride and groom of the Château de Vallery. So, doesn't this short film let us imagine that the artist and the place still have so much to see together?

Chateau de Vallery

Wedding at Château de Vallery
By Simply Lovely

Yoanna & Jess are respectively filmmaker and photographer. Married in an authentic Andalusian hacienda in 2015, they settled in Provence from where they manage Simply Lovely, wedding photography and video. True cosmopolitan artists, they first met in England in 2011. Yoanna & Jess are truly inspired by emotions and spontaneous moments of life.

Mai & Bryan's wedding at Château de Vallery was written for them. It is a real pleasure for the bride and groom to be accompanied by the couple forming the pictorial and emotional interface: Yoanna filming camera in hand and Jess, camera bodies and lenses slung over the shoulder. A major advantage: having a single contact for two complementary service providers.

Simply Lovely let us discover the chateau exterior day view on the first half of the clip. Only after the credits, the technical cut comes into play: Bryan's speech becomes the main thread. Very solemn, this speech is delivered in the Music Room where ends the meal. Thus, the filming plan will consist of interspersing superb daytime footage during the ceremony in the Grande Galerie and outside the chateau during the photo session before the cocktail party.

The flashback takes us to the bride's preparations in the Grand Condé bedroom on the first floor of the Renaissance Château. The apotheosis of the clip is none other than the fireworks and flames illuminating the grounds with "torchères", "chandelles" and some Bengal fires. A must.

Chateau de Vallery

Oriental dances at the chateau with Azalea - Instagram : @azalea.cie

Founders of the dance company Azalea, Gillian and Laura, have made the Oriental Pavilion their own at Château de Vallery. With this vid, they offer us a delicious choreography with Afro-contemporary influences on a very rhythmic background of percussions.

Eclectic and versatile, Gillian and Laura offer a wide range of performances to Vallery's bride and groom. Oriental dance with an airy fabric, singing, classical dance, hip-hop, modern jazz and circus are the ingredients of this charming company.

They will be able to charm you in the exotic fragrances of the Oriental Pavilion and its extended swimming pool. On D day or the day before, depending on the theme and planning of your reception. Château de Vallery offers, among other things, its reception rooms for your wedding. Absolute freedom in time and space!

Also, why not ask Azalea for a choreography between the torches in the park after dinner? Or even in one of the large reception rooms of the Château de Vallery?

Chateau de Vallery

by Jonathan Vansteenberghe

The stunning choreography of the fireworks display creates a dramatic narrative of sound, rhythm, and color that gives rise to an experience of wonder and enchantment.

At Vallery, the fire from the fireworks intensifies the majesty of the property by igniting the ruins, the ancient postern, and the Dovecote, from the rose garden all the way to the great chestnut tree. This magnificent display transforms the landscape before your eyes, changing the shape of every rock and tree with each new color, casting long shadows upon the oak trees lining the edge of the forest.

The fireworks combined with the starry nights of Burgundy create a dreamlike and whimsical sky that outshines the moon.

Try if you can to follow the light, shining for a moment on a wayward knight only to be found next to the ramparts a moment later. The fireworks display at The Château de Vallery makes romantics out of all of us, as the light reverberates back to an antediluvian past.

lys du Château de Vallery

Shooting a visit
by Jonathan Vansteenberghe

The chateau's "fabulous team" had the privilege of following Bellissime Paris for two days. A unique photo shoot based around its bridal design across the different atmospheres of the site; a simply magnificent event! It also highlighted the exquisite transformation of the chateau's grounds. The estate now boasts breathtaking hanging gardens, nestling between the Yew-tree Park and the enchanting forest. These terraced gardens link the Music Room and its Arbour to the Rose Garden, the romantic setting for wedding ceremonies opposite the Yew-tree Park.

Located just a hundred kilometres from Paris and its airports, Château de Vallery is not just a wedding venue. It's the backdrop to a fairytale that's just waiting to come to life with your event, with you. Don't hesitate to visit every nook and cranny of this wedding venue and let your imagination run wild as you discover the infinite possibilities the estate has to offer. Whether you're planning an intimate celebration or a grand reception, Château de Vallery is the canvas on which you can paint your most cherished memories.

lys du Château de Vallery

Alice & Antoine, a summer wedding
by Histoire Vraie Production

At the height of summer, Alice and Antoine organised their civil wedding at the Mairie du XVe arrondissement. After saying 'I do' in the wood-panelled Salle des Fêtes, the bride and groom visited a number of Parisian monuments for a photo shoot. Then the Château de Vallery welcomed them for a country-style cocktail party in the Yew-tree Park, at the foot of the prestigious Renaissance building. The wedding then took on the romantic, unique atmosphere that only the chateau can offer on a late afternoon reception, under a convincing summer sky.

The medieval ramparts, the Oriental Pavilion, the Palm Grove and many other historic and exotic locations welcomed Alice and Antoine for a privileged photo shoot. Dinner was served in the Music Room, one of the chateau's grand halls. Then, back in the Yew-tree Park, the wedding cake marked a pleasant turn in the festivities. Then, the bride and groom and their guests discovered the Pierre Lescot Grande Galerie for a night of dancing accompanied by desserts and mignardises with no time limit... "A summer wedding."

A multicultural wedding stay
by MariageMotion

On 22 August, Hien and Quan began their festivities in Vallery with the traditional "Van Danh" ritual. This invites the groom's family to visit the in-laws. Originally, the purpose of this first meeting was to officially find out the bride's date of birth to consult horoscope. From the Grande Galerie, the procession takes in the Yew-Tree Park and then the bamboo alley leading to the Palm Grove and its Balinese garden. Now it's time for the engagement or "Nap trung". The procession is joined by the bride-to-be's family.

The "Thinh Ky" rite now takes place under the Arbour, and the two families are invited to set the date and time of the religious ceremony. Exceptionally, the marriage will take place in Sens Cathedral, leaving the church in Vallery vacant for the time being. The bride and groom prepare for their wedding ceremony in the Grand Condé room for the bride, and in the Dovecot for him..

At the end of the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests return to Château de Vallery for the vin d'honneur in the central square. The sun drenched the photo shoot which take place across the estate, the Rose Garden and the old stables. Then the Music Room opens for dinner, followed by speeches by the guests and Arno's fabulous magic show.

After the wedding meal, it's off to the Yew-Tree Park, where a thousand torches light up the arrival of the wedding cake. The bride and groom will open the ball in the Renaissance Grande Galerie, before inviting their guests to watch a breathtaking fireworks display. Bombs, candles, rockets and Bengal fires for a particularly generous 180-degree fireworks display, from the edge of the forest to the medieval postern. Well done to Hien and Quan for organising their wedding over two days, with a delicious blend of tradition and romance.

A three-day summer wedding
by W'eye NOT Prod.

Agape is the key word in Ludivine and Loïc's union. In ancient Greek, it evokes tenderness and love, affection and devotion. And this was scrupulously observed by the guests during the three days of festivities at the chateau at the end of July. Thanks to meticulous staging, the bridal stay will be framed by a complete itinerary through the estate. The swimming pool, aka "Le Grand Bassin", and the Palm Grove will be the venue for family and close friends on the eve of the reception. For the first time, an innovative dinner will be served in the Rose Garden, more often the venue for ceremonies at the chateau. The following day, all the guests will gather at Château de Vallery for the wedding.

FFrom then on, the bride and groom began their arrangements. Ludivine in the Renaissance Grand Condé bedroom, Loïc in the Dovecote. A few steps away, the church in Vallery is already waiting for the procession. At the Yew-Tree Park, the newlyweds and their guests enjoy a musical cocktail reception, followed by dinner in the Music Room, where speeches, surprises and dancing follow. Dancing will continue in the Pierre Lescot Grande Galerie, interrupted by fireworks in the central square. The swimming pool, the common thread running through the entire event, will be the focus of numerous visits during these three days of bubbling love and tender ardour.

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