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Choose a chateau as your wedding venue
why Vallery, France?

Here are some important recommendations and tips to choose a chateau for your wedding reception. French venues -whatever they may be- determine a number of factors that are essential to the event. First of all, exclusivity. Many venues host several events at the same time and keep open their restaurant, golf course, hotel, swimming pool or simply their park.

The Château de Vallery will be booked exclusively for your reception and party. You can even ask for the park gate to be closed. Thus, it will not be possible to offer future brides and grooms a date that has already been reserved. The geographical location will also influence the number of guests and the course of the reception.
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Choosing a castle for your wedding: recommendations

Your professional relationship, your family or your friends will certainly be able to guide you to the castle of your dreams. Web portals are effective, but nothing beats the advice of those close to you. Château de Vallery is distinguished, among other things, by its exclusivity. Many of its visitors testify on the web to the quality of the services provided by the venue and are wonderful ambassadors!

In which area?

Chateaux adorn almost the entire French country. The choice is overwhelming. An area with a strong cultural heritage is worth considering. Especially set a hundred kilometers from Paris. In Vallery, for example, the bride and groom hold the civil ceremony in their local town and then, move to the chateau accompanied by their closest guests.

They are on the place in the morning for their wedding reception planned over one or even two days. At the end of the festivities, the bride and groom may have taken the time to organize a private visit to Palais de Fontainebleau, 35 km from Paris. Or who knows, the Burgundy wine route, which could then start in Chablis, 70 km from Vallery.


This is often the heart of your reception. Romantic wows at a wedding ceremony lifts up the soul and mystically unites two people who are now going to dedicate themselves to each other.

The church is located in the immediate vicinity of the chateau. A gate on the edge of the forest gives it direct access. It houses the mausoleum of Princesses and Princes de Condé and can accommodate around 230 guests as well as a variable number of standing guests. No noise won't distract your wedding wows, except for the singing of the birds in the summer.

But there is also the possibility of creating a houppa under the large 7-trunk sycamore or in the Rose Garden in front of the chateau.

Still within the framework of the festivities dedicated to the Jewish community, a houppa can be set under the chestnut tree, an immense and majestic tree which dominates the grounds and seems to bring its protection to the khatan and the kalla under its shades. The Riad will of course lend itself to henna in a very "Marrakech" setting. This is a favorite theme that is deeply rooted in both Muslim and Jewish traditions.

Leisure time for you alone

The swimming pool as an extension of the Oriental Pavilion offer your guests the opportunity to enjoy the southern sunshine, protected by two majestic arbours. They will watch at their children or, better still, the bride and groom will be able to call on the services of baby-sitters. You will also have the opportunity to use the tennis court located in the quiet park of the chateau.

Theme, concept, idea

Wedding-planners or grooms-to-be will be keen to orient the theme of the event according to the backdrop of the venue;

If you already know your theme, it will guide your choice regarding the venue. On the other hand, it will certainly be easier to let yourself be lulled by a location that has a lot to say. And the stones of Château de Vallery are inexhaustible.

Artists and craftsmen of the party

Saying "I do" to a chateau to get married also means calling on external service providers. Caterers, photographers and florists play a decisive role in your reception success. Rather than imposing them, the Château de Vallery suggests a number of experienced specialists. Of course, you are free to organise your own wedding with your own suppliers.The estate is always happy to welcome new talent to recommend.

Let us be practical: the access

The place must be easy access for your guests while remaining sheltered from the urban agitation. You need to avoid any unnecessary stress, especially that of informing guests who are lost on winding roads. It should be noted that Vallery is located in lush Burgundy, yet so close to Paris.

Accommodation and timetables

Once on site, the bride and groom and their guests will not leave until the next day or two. Here time stands still, the party goes on without time limit and often until dawn. Enhance your reception under the Renaissance sky with a historical and exotic journey scent. And keep your guests; the estate offers 28 rooms and suites as well as a comprehensive list of 200 rooms in Vallery and its surroundings.
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Technical "details" and special features

Energy is in the air!

We will ensure that the electrical installation is compatible with your wedding project. Your caterer must be able to plug in the ovens even though the roboscans are whirling around in the Grande Galerie or the façade is printed with purple and fuchsia laser decoration. No fear with the 84 Kw allocated to receptions. The 3 catering offices can run perfectly well together with the equipment of other providers, including the most energy-intensive orchestras!

People with disabilities: of course!

People with reduced mobility can enjoy your festivities to the full. At the chateau, 3 of the large reception rooms are accessible to them, as well as a suite on the same level in the medieval chateau.

Amenities adapted to the space

All reception areas are equipped with toilets; 4 in the Renaissance area (including 1 with disabled access), 1 in the Oriental Pavilion and around 20 in the 28 suites and rooms of the estate. In addition, there are changing rooms between the two Renaissance halls.

Unlimited timing

The service providers, especially for the decoration, can operate the day before for a weekday wedding or on Saturday at noon. Make the most of your stay at the chateau and delegate all details and instructions to a trusted person or, better still, your wedding planner. Choosing a chateau for your wedding also means taking care of all the technical details on the venue.
Vallery as your wedding venue

chateau by night

the pool and the Renaissance castle

the chateau's pool

caterer's wedding buffet in the castle grounds

caterer in the grounds

wine tasting in the medieval cellars

medieval cellars

No surprise price

There will be no real additional cost at French Château de Vallery. Tables, large ceremonial tables, chairs, heated umbrellas, buffets and teak loungers are often provided in sufficient numbers. For this purpose, you are invited to check the catalogue of furniture available for your event. A global package includes large halls, bedrooms and exteriors from 3pm to at least midday the following day. This package differs in three variations depending on the season of your wedding. The "fabulous team of the chateau" is at your disposal to provide you with the package adapted to the date of your event.

A brief summary to say "I do" to Vallery

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