Medieval postern in front of the chateau
your wedding procession goes through the medieval chateau's postern
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- The chateau’s medieval postern -

The medieval chateau gateway

This medieval postern always knows when to welcome weddings, processions and suppliers, but does not know the day or time of their return. This means that the bride and groom and their guests can enjoy exclusive use of the chateau. They will be able to take advantage of its large halls (such as the Music Room, the Grande Galerie...), grounds and gardens at any time of night during a stay of several days, in any season, at this fully heated wedding venue.

Bedrooms and bridal suites await guests, notably in the Renaissance section and in the medieval chateau, for at least one night. The festivities are initiated from this postern, the first port of call for the festivities and the gateway to the receptions.

Your wedding lighthouse

The postern to the right of the medieval chateau is one of the remains of the 12th century. Just like the cellars and ramparts that surround the citadel, which has become a romantic venue for international receptions. It keeps a watchful eye on the wedding receptions, particularly cocktail parties and fireworks displays.

The building lends itself to being the setting for bombs and fireworks in the heart of its medieval stonework. It is on this structure that the most talented decorators display gigantic floral arrangements to welcome the bride and groom. This 9-century-old building is the guardian of wedding festivities. Last but not least, guests will take the passageway to the postern for a tasting of fine wines in the cellars, which are also medieval.

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