Fireworks in the park of the chateau during a wedding
For your wedding, organize a fireworks show in the park of the chateau
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- Wedding fireworks in the chateau park -

Fireworks, an extra touch of soul for your wedding

It's a spectacular way to light up your wedding with a "pyromelody" or laser show orchestrated by fireworks specialists recommended by the chateau. Combined with the enchantment and glory of the celebration, the show harmoniously punctuates the dinner as night falls.

It's a symphony of colours and twinkling lights that sets the stage for dancing and other enchantments without time limit. Fireworks, suns, flaming torches, lasers... dress up the darkness with explosive displays to the great surprise and delight of your guests.

Another spark in the chateau's skyline

Wedding organisation is still of prime importance, especially during these magical moments, when the yew-tree park is lit only by torches and the music floods the darkness. One scene follows another for a 10 to 20 minutes fireworks show,with the medieval postern, the outbuildings and the ramparts serving as natural backdrops.

Detonations, opera arias and live soprano reverberate against the Renaissance façade of the chateau. Until the wedding cake appears in the distance, carried by the butlers who will arrange it on the same buffet as the champagne pyramid.

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