Wedding ball in the chateau large hall
wedding reception in the Grande Galerie, one if the large hall of the chateau
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- Wedding ball in a large hall -

An ideal hall: the Grande Galerie

With its rich history, the Galerie Pierre Lescot is more than just a ballroom; it is the perfect hall for the highlights of a wedding, including the opening of the festivities. This large room can also be used for any other key moment of the event, as it leads into the Salle des Tentures, which is also available, as well as the Renaissance bedrooms and the Yew-Tree Park with its Music Room. You can also organise a vin d'honneur, dinner and secular ceremony in this reception area.

The ball opening, a precious wedding moment

The first dance is often one of the key events in a wedding reception. It allows the party to begin, nothing else but the party. And all first dances are fabulous. Whether it's the traditional waltz with a bride/father, groom/mother, bride/groom combination, or the more straightforward romantic slow dance by the young couple, or a choreography concocted exclusively by them. It's also an elegant excuse for the guests to quickly join the bride and groom in many other repertoires. The reception halls, including the Grande Galerie, promise a night without time limits.

Sumptuous decoration of the hall

The Grande Galerie, like all the reception venues at the chateau, is furnished with tables, chairs, vases, benches, etc. all of which are listed in a dedicated catalogue. Independently and beforehand, the service providers will have taken care to furnish the halls, particularly the Grande Galerie, with fresh flowers, foliage and, during the evening, LED and laser lighting, heavy smoke and so on. It should be noted that the layout of the spaces can be anticipated thanks to the virtual tour.

Then, during the wedding ball

A night like this, with no time limit, the rhythm of world music and the rhythm of jerky, melodious frequencies, deserves a few culinary delights. The bucolic cascade of fruit, the mignardises on the plate and the buffet of desserts after the pyramid of champagne. The wedding ball at the chateau will be held in a large hall with a special historic charm. At dawn, after the customary bonfire, the bride and groom invite the most die-hard dancers to take a last dip in the pool overlooking the estate, not far from the Oriental Pavilion, which will soon host the next day's brunch.

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