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Château de Vallery 12th-century cellar

Vaulted, 12th-century cellars: a string of cellars lit by candlelight, easily accessible from the chateau's dry moat. Best use? Invite your guests to a tasting of vintage wines (mainly Burgundies) before moving on to your reception.

The obvious starting point for a stroll would be the 12th-century wine cellars. Here, more than anywhere else, the soul of the château is palpable. Saint-André planted the numerous vines we see illustrated on engravings of Vallery by Androuet du Cerceau.

Passionately ambitious, the marshal did not hesitate to send ox-drawn carts to fetch soil from the four corners of France. According to Brantôme’s writings, King Henry II himself helped stock the château’s cellars. A tour of the cellars today is like a journey into the past. No vintage is insignificant. Each one can remind us of the birth of a child, an encounter or a revolution. Wine draws us together; it has so much to say that it is a natural federator. Wine confides in us about its origins and its traditions, adding charisma and eloquence to any celebration. Let us not forget that we are in Burgundy here, and reserve pride of place for a noble Chardonnay… a St Romain, Meursault or Chablis...