the pool between ramparts and forest the Château de Vallery's pool and its arbours the swimming pool and the Renaissance chateau the Grand Bassin of Vallery estate wedding eve at the pool of the chateau the Grand Bassin of Château de Vallery wedding venue heated swimming pool against the ramparts
swimming pool aerial view Château de Vallery grand bassin one hour from Paris the pool and arbours swimming pool overviews the Renaissance chateau the grand bassin by night
ecusson du domaine

The swimming pool

From the the Oriental Pavilion’s moucharabieh, you can see the "Grand Bassin", commonly known as the swimming pool. The guests of the chateau often enjoy swimming in the heart of the night in its warm and colourful waters. They sometimes inspire couturiers and designers for their shoots.

It's the perfect "spot". The pool takes on oasis-like accents. Heated all year round, it is frequently used out of season. The concept of "wedding and swimming pool in the castle" seduces the guests of the estate. Dining around the Grand Bassin on the eve of D-Day or organizing a brunch the day after is a must in Vallery.

Located between the forest and the Roseraie, the Grand Bassin features two arbors on either side of the pool. Therefore, bathers enjoy watching the Renaissance chateau as well as the medieval postern under the shade of the bamboos. In addition, the Oriental Pavilion’s Riad, in the prolongation of the pool, always keeps a little freshness.

This estate is a land of freedom in time and space. In Vallery there is yet another tradition: the midnight bath turns into a night swim at the end of the festivities. In the early morning, the bride and groom and a few "irreducible" once again enjoy the Grand Bassin in the perfumes of dawn.

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