Renaissance side under the snow bone fire for a wedding on November a bridegroom kiss on the belvedere snowy Renaissance facade blue and green fireworks on a winter wedding Buddah's stils watching you heated pool and sea salted water for winter weddings the arbour under sun and snow bride's flower bouquet first dance in the Grande Galerie the palm grove Gazebo under the snow medieval rampart path bridegroom and guests are watching winter fireworks dovecot, palm grove and ramparts on a winter morning the arbour, the old castle and medieval postern
Condé's armorial bearings

Special Offer! Room hire at Chateau de Vallery in France:
"Live out your dream!"

The Grande Galerie, a Renaissance gem. The Oriental Pavilion harbouring
3 of the most beautiful bedrooms out of a total of 28 at the Chateau.
Your exclusive wedding, with no time constraints. Sound system and
torch light, plus a bonfire blazing in the grounds until dawn.

The main hall in the Oriental Pavilion is yours for lunch on the following day.
Enjoy the magic!

€7400+VAT (€8790 incl.VAT)
for any event from 1st of november to 15th march

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