getting married in a french chateau

Why is a chateau one of the best places to get married?

It could be the call of history appealing to our roots. Or simply a question of continuity and balance. Getting married in a chateau means something. In our imagination (and nothing is more powerful than our imagination!) it means setting up a home on solid foundations that are anchored in history.

And the history of the chateau becomes yours.
It also means offering a historical and reassuring backdrop for togetherness, partying, spending time together. It might also remind us of childhood games (should we have abandoned them) and take us back to fairytales... Finally, getting married in a chateau in France harks back to the traditions of nobility and royalty, from which our customs and traditions descend. On a day so rich with symbolism, the choice of a highly symbolic venue becomes quite natural.
Ariane and Patrice Vansteenberghe
Patrice Vansteenberghe, architect (Kenzo, Virgin Megastores, Christian Dior, etc.) and owner of the chateau since 1990, is also the author of "Princes, Muses and Weddings" published by Éditions Gourcuff Gradenigo.
Patrice and his wife Ariane will welcome you to Vallery and help you to organise your reception. Set aside a full morning or afternoon to tour a chateau that will soon be "yours"
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