wedding planner help bridegrooms to organize the wedding in France gazebo and palm grove for your event florist prepares a wedding in the grounds of the chateau flowering chuppah setting under the sycamore of Château de Vallery preparing the bride in the chateau's grounds caterer in charge of the cocktail in the chateau's kitchen floral wedding decoration in Vallery church flowered chuppa in the grounds of the chateau flowering vintage car in the grounds of the castle bride in the main staircase of the Renaissance chateau tightrope walker or rope-dancer over the grounds for a wedding
florist, grounds, dovecot and arbour of the chateau bridal makeup in the grounds of chateau de Vallery wedding bouquets in front of the church mausoleum bridegrooms in the bridal suite of the chateau's dovecot belly dancer with oriental pavilion bride climbs the stairs of the Renaissance chateau
chateau de Vallery

Who can claim to know all the ins and outs of a reception, all the ways of organising a wedding - particularly in wedding venues in France, such as a chateau? The scope is enormous; the only limits are our imagination: age-old traditions, seduction and excess, fever and flames, costumes and lights, food and wine, music and rituals!

Let us not forget that before the wheel, man invented masks and celebrations! The principle of a "roving" wedding reception, wending its way around the chateau grounds, will surely appeal, encountering pockets of heavenly fragrance - lily, fig, teak, rose and jasmine – and flickers of fire in the night.

Chateau de Vallery, a wedding venue with accommodation, can explore ways of organising your wedding reception without the professional guidance of a wedding planner in France. Your wedding becomes a journey, a journey through time and space. Time will stand still exclusively for your celebration, for a spiritual journey into the pale light of dawn. The estate is yours alone.

The following pages will guide you. They offer a suggested programme for your fairytale wedding in France, extend a warm welcome to wedding planners, and provide plans of the halls and interactive seating plans to be downloaded, as well as thorough information on bedrooms at the chateau and accommodation nearby.

Planning your wedding

at Château de Vallery, a romantic wedding venue with accommodation

wine tasting in the medieval cellars before the wedding THE DAY BEFORE

Come to the estate with your guests on the eve of your big day and settle into the chateau's historical rooms. As afternoon fades, taste fine wines in the vaulted 12th-century cellars. When dusk falls, savour a tagine together in the pavilion with its big pool.

Then, in the lamplight and fragrances of the Orient, enjoy mint tea, honeyed pastries and maybe some belly dancing... belly dancing in the pavilion PRELUDES

Make yourselves at home! Luxuriate in a relaxing bath. Spend time with your guests, adding the finishing touches to floral arrangements and seating plans, or getting the bridesmaids and page boys ready.

A hairdresser and make-up artist await the bride as photographer and video cameraman capture the moment. floral set up CEREMONY

For their romantic wedding vows, some may choose the church opposite the chateau on the edge of the forest, with the mausoleum of the Princes and Princesses of Condé.

For others, a flower-laden chuppah in the Rose Garden. Or why not the orchard? Or by the big Buddha beneath his tree? Or at the foot of the sycamore with seven trunks? Spirituality is the order of the day. wedding ceremony in the ground DRINKS AND DINNER

Buffet tables are laid out in the Closerie Garden and in the Music Rooms. Music to match the bride and groom floats over the grounds, interspersed with numbers by a jazz-band playing in the dovecot.

Later, candle-lit dinner in the Salle des Tentures with its trompe-l'oeil in sumptuous fabrics measuring over 500m2. In the grounds, a thousand torches flicker until dawn. Salle des Tentures arrival SPECIAL NIGHT

After dinner, everyone steps out into the grounds or onto the front steps for a firework show set to music, or a huge bonfire.

The final tableau stars the wedding cake, paraded into the Grande Galerie, and a champagne pyramid that marks the opening of the ball. Music playing in the grounds drifts to the very fringes of the surrounding forest. The chateau is for you alone, exclusively. dance floor in the Grande Galerie DAY AFTER

Nights at the chateau are mellow, in rooms and suites preserved from the harshness of modernity. On the following day, savour breakfast around the big pool enveloped in fragrances rising up from the gardens.

Stroll through the forest or around the ramparts. Aperitifs served in the vaulted cellars precede salads, salmon and grilled meats to round off a sequence of life's small pleasure. the pool, the chateau and the pavilion
Château de Vallery

The Road to Happiness...

(Countdown to a summer wedding)

Wedding Day -330

Announce your news to your parents and close friends. Choose your attendants - best man, ushers and bridesmaids. Because those who've known you all your life deserve to share your joy.

Wedding Day -300

The Venue. 17 questions to ask yourselves. Answer "yes" to at least 14 for peace of mind...

  • A well-conserved, authentic and romantic setting far from the bustle of the city?
  • Are their enough decent bedrooms on site and nearby to cater for everybody?

  • dovecot nuptial suite

  • Are you free to choose your service providers (caterer, band, DJ, wedding planner, etc.)?
  • Is there a room big enough at the venue for all of your guests plus a dance floor plus a band?
  • Can you switch to a different room for dessert or for the first dance?
  • Is there enough furniture and is it included in the cost of the room hire (table, chairs, buffet tables, etc.)?
  • Can your venue cater for that moment of spirituality at the heart of your event, no matter the weather (church, chuppah, ceremony conducted by an officiant or witness in a park or gallery, etc.)?

  • chuppa under the 7 tronks sycamore

  • A venue dedicated exclusively to your wedding... so that the only guests are those invited to your party?
  • Is there a perfect spot on the estate where you can gather your guests on the eve of your wedding, then lead them from one discovery to the next, from one room to another, on an itinerant drinks party, and then enjoy brunch in yet a different setting?
  • Are there enough facilities to entertain your guests? Pool, tennis court, wine tasting in vaulted cellars, rose garden, strolls through the forest, historical tours, etc.?

  • forest, horses

  • Are you free of time restrictions?
  • Can you dance and put the world to rights until dawn?
  • If you're planning your reception in a garden or a marquee, do you have a fall-back plan in case of rain or strong winds?
  • Is the infrastructure satisfactory (area for the children, Wi-Fi, cloakroom, toilets, spacious and discreet car park possibly equipped with terminals for electric vehicles, kitchen for the caterer, cold storage, cellar for storing your wines, heating indoors and for the pool, etc.)?
  • When you visited the venue, was the quality of service up to your expectations? Do you have plans and maps of the estate and the rooms?
  • Is the website sufficiently explicit? Does the rental contract include the entire estate, the furniture, the bedrooms and the lighting without any cut-off time?
  • And the final criterion, which is difficult to quantify: can you see yourself in that setting? Does it tick all the boxes for you? Will it add the extra soul you are hoping for on the best day of your life?

  • 30x30 brochure

    Wedding Day -250

    The Caterer. Book entertainment to amuse your guests during pre-dinner drinks.
    DJ, photographer, band, video cameraman, firework technician, hairdresser, make-up artist.

    make-up and hairstyle in the chateau rooms

    Civil, religious or secular ceremony. Bridesmaids and Page Boys. Take out an option on accommodation near the venue.

    Wedding Day -200

    flowery music room for a wedding

    Guest list. Save the date. Bride's dress (keep it secret). Floral arrangements. not forgetting the bride's bouquet, the buttonholes and the petals.

    Wedding Day -100

    invitation - artist : Jean-Jacques Grand

    Remember to practice that first dance.
    The invitation should indicate the dress code, name places to stay, state the address of the venue, provide instructions on how to get there, and stipulate a reply-by date. Choose stamps in your wedding colours! The marriage contract signed before a notary. The wedding bands with your names engraved inside. Book the honeymoon! Open your wedding list. Sugared almonds. A prestigious car or horse and carriage? Conjurer ?

    show in the grounds after a wedding diner

    Wedding Day -60

    witnesses and guests on the belvedere of the chateau

    If you are not using the services of a wedding planner, ask your friends and family for help and ideas. One of your attendants could be responsible for paying service providers, another could take charge of the seating plan, someone else could allocate the bedrooms, etc. Final fitting of the wedding dress and accessories. The groom's outfit.. The future bride can help her groom make a matching choice, as she alone knows what she'll be wearing! Trial runs with the hairdresser and make-up artist. Buy throw-away cameras, or polaroid cameras, to be placed on the guests' tables.

    Wedding Day -25

    wedding invitation - design : Dimitri Signolle

    Allocating bedrooms; the seating plan; the menus.
    Use a seating plan system with movable names, so that you can easily cater for any last-minute changes. Find a pretty container to use as a wedding card box.

    Write the speeches and a personalised welcome note for each bedroom. Send all service providers, and your attendants or witnesses, a copy of the Run Sheet so that everyone is perfectly synchronised. Order the wine and the champagne. Get it delivered directly to the venue, where it will rest in the cellar. Send your Run Sheet to everyone concerned. Use a different colour code per service provider so that each one knows what they - and the others - need to be doing and when. If you are not using walkie talkies, make sure that all cell phone numbers are included on the Run Sheet: caterer, florist, photographer, video cameraman, wine waiter, band, sound technician, firework technician, etc. Contact the Mairie (Town Hall) to get the banns published.

    Wedding Day -10

    Stag night and hen night.

    Wedding Day -1

    bride in the basin of the oriental pavilion

    Relax... preferably at the venue!

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