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A"celebration" captures all the quivering gold of the night, freedom, wine, beautiful dresses, passion, the arts and unknown savours, the smell of wax, lily and rose, celestial music and tribal rythms, the promise of the dawn and a little of our soul, dizzied to feel lost in this maze of fascination.

When evening falls, everything at Vallery seems to float in shades of grey and gold: from the Rose Garden beneath the ramparts to the grounds dazzling in the flames of a thousand torches. Later, when night is not quite night but the sun is still hiding below the horizon, the last notes of music fade beneath the vaulted ceiling of the Grande Galerie. Then, as if by magic, silhouettes and ochres appear, sketched out by a play of awaking shadows, stretching, immense. If one consents to fall under the spell, to leave all certitudes behind, to become detached from any culture, one has a chance of experiencing change from within and leaving this citadel steeped in an exquisite serenity.

After being plunged into oblivion for centuries, the château is sparkling once again late into the night. Exalted by this unexpected rebirth thanks to renovations and embellishments, the château dedicates its fine new reputation to its artists and particularly to the photographers and videomen who immortalized him beneath the star-studded Burgundy sky.

May these flames continue to burn and this spirit to reign! May this land resonating with the sound of galloping knights live on! It seems moved by the vows of today’s young lovers. Time stands still here, losing itself in the unfathomable and marvellous maze of our emotions. Elsewhere it would take flight...

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