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the party...

Staging stimulates and intensifies emotions. As soon as the château was brought back to life in the 1990s, we introduced certain rituals – to accompany a winetasting in the cellars, for example. On the day before the wedding, the bride and groom enter into the 12th century vaulted cellars and revel for a moment in the flame-studded darkness before being joined by their guests, who have gathered in the moat. Each individual then endeavours to identify the contents of each of the crystal carafes. Before leaving, the guests blow out all of the candles - as if to lure the benevolence of the Fates.

The various entrances around the château are lit up by torchlight: the rose garden, the postern, the Oriental Pavilion and the cellars. These flames, too, are loaded with meaning; they are evocative and protective. Celebrations trap us in the heart of such staging, heightening what may be on our mind... It is up to you to define a concept to give more strength, more memory to your celebration. The chateau will be able to help you so that your concept emerges as well for the "save the date", the table plan, the dress-code as the writing of the menus or the floral decoration.

Chateau de Vallery

...the fire...

The stunning choreography of the fireworks display creates a dramatic narrative of sound, rhythm, and color that gives rise to an experience of wonder and enchantment. At Vallery, the fire from the fireworks intensifies the majesty of the property by igniting the ruins, the ancient postern, and the dovecot, from the rose garden all the way to the great chestnut tree. This magnificent display transforms the landscape before your eyes, changing the shape of every rock and tree with each new color, casting long shadows upon the oak trees lining the edge of the forest.

The fireworks combined with the starry nights of Burgundy create a dreamlike and whimsical sky that outshines the moon. Try if you can to follow the light, shining for a moment on a wayward knight only to be found next to the ramparts a moment later. The fireworks display at The Château de Vallery makes romantics out of all of us, as the light reverberates back to an antediluvian past.

Chateau de Vallery

...and the wedding-blues

Weddings at Château de Vallery begin, at first, as a series of images that quickly transform into amazing memories. No words can truly capture the experience of a wedding at Château de Vallery, any writer would find it indescribable and it remains unmatched as one of the most romantic castles in France. It would be impossible to imagine a more beautiful location for your wedding.

Vallery is a place where different traditions and cultures meet, where they come together to marry and respect each other. Vallery is built from tradition and the celebration of marriage is considered by the Château to be the most sacred of those traditions.

Chateau de Vallery

Flight over the Citadel

Château de Vallery remains a paradise for owls, elves and muses...

All invite themselves, in the starry skies of Burgundy, to contemplate the romantic celebrations of this "Citadel of the Princes of the Muses and of the Night..."

Chateau de Vallery

Hei & Manfi by BOZZ WEDDING

lys du Château de Vallery

Seun & Toye by Reece Iveson, videographer
© Reece Iveson

lys du Château de Vallery

Julie and Benjamin by APYFILM

Chateau de Vallery

Weddings at the chateau by Ping Pang Films

Chateau de Vallery

Wedding at Château de Vallery by Simply Lovely
© simply-lovely-photo

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