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Your Wedding Planner at Chateau de Vallery

Some couples choose to organise their wedding at the chateau themselves, but others delegate the task to a master of the craft, a wedding planner from France or from home. For wedding planners worldwide, Vallery is synonymous with wonder and magic.

The stone walls of this exclusive French wedding venue have stored away touching memories of many unions, on themes as varied as The 30s - Beauty and the Beast - Out of Africa - Venice - Glamour - Crystal - The Silk Route - Bali - Sunflowers - The Renaissance - Perfume - Casablanca...

If you don't have the free time or the inspiration to organise your wedding package in France, a wedding planner is the key to your dream event. Your WP will help you to identify a theme, adapt it and develop it, to create your invitations and even a website, and to choose and coordinate service providers:

Decorators, caterers, musicians, florists, photographers and video cameraman. You will also be guided on the subjects of dresses, suits, bridesmaids and page boys, accessories, and personalising the rooms (a welcome note and programme of festivities, gifts, etc.).

Chateau de Vallery has always considered wedding planners as key partners who help to enhance the Chateau's reputation.

We are therefore at their entire disposal. We can provide plans of the function rooms and bedrooms, HD photos and all of our documents. Your Wedding Planner will have a complimentary room either the day before or for the big day, plus private office space.

We would like to wish you and your wedding planner a very warm welcome.

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