romantic wedding chateau 1 hour from Paris wedding reception halls at Château de Vallery wedding banquet hall in le Salon des Musiques Oriental Pavilion of Château de Vallery for weddings and Bar Mitsva medieval cellars of Château de Vallery Music Room, a wedding room at the chateau
Grande Galerie, a large hall as a wedding venue the Music Room of Château de Vallery a big hall and a wedding destination Oriental Pavilion in a chateau in France the gallery, a historical room for a wedding in a french venue renaissance room in a french chateau Salle des Tentures, a wedding room in a french venue the Oriental Pavilion, a large room in a french chateau one of the four caterer rooms of the chateau the arbour of a castle in France

Organise your destination wedding in a French chateau with reception halls of different styles and from different periods in history. For one or two nights take a magnificent journey through time… with no curfews. More than simply offering a wedding banquet hall for hire, the chateau opens up the entire estate for your wedding: the Grande Galerie, the Salle des Tentures, the Music Room, the Cellars and the Oriental Pavilion, ideal for a Bar Mitzvah, henna ceremony or brunch...

If you are celebrating your romantic wedding at the chateau on a weekday, you can hire the estate from the night before, and enjoy the freedom to pursue the night until the fragrance of the dawn, to select the caterer of your choice, to sample fine wines from the medieval cellars, and the freedom to enjoy authentic tagines in the Oriental Pavilion or a barbecue brunch by the ornamental pool the following day.

Château de Vallery, a french chateau for your wedding

Wedding reception halls

Grande Galerie

chateau weddings in France grande galerie of Chateau de Vallery wedding reception halls wedding banquet hall by night ball overture in the grande galerie waltz at Château de Vallery dance in the Grande Galerie wedding organisation wedding reception, cocktail, ambiance... large room of the chateau, one hour from Paris floral settings in the Grande Galerie before a wedding
Chateau de Vallery, a fairytale wedding in France

The Grande Galerie is one of the reception halls included in the hire of this chateau for weddings in France, and the jewel of your celebration. This is where the heart of Chateau de Vallery beats. It stands on the same level as the grounds and the music rooms and is equipped with outstanding sound and light systems. This wedding banquet hall dates back to 1550 and remains one of Pierre Lescot's masterpieces.

Best use? For the dance floor at your fairytale wedding in France. But you can also choose it as the setting for a dinner. The terrace is ideal for admiring amazing firework displays - possibly set to music! The "La Cornue" kitchen (30m2) is a must for the Grande Galerie.

download the plan of the hall (PDF)
and the seating plan (PPT)
lys du Château de Vallery

Salle des Tentures

Renaissance facade of Château de Vallery salle des tentures day light, decorated for a wedding salle des tentures for a wedding reception floral settings for wedding planning in a chateau one hur from Paris mood in the salle des tentures
wedding reception halls

The Salle des Tentures is one of several wedding reception halls at the chateau. It is graced with a 400-m2 trompe-l’oeil inspired by the Field of the Cloth of Gold (Camp du Drap d’Or), where François 1 of France met with Henry VIII of England in 1520, some 28 years before Marshal St André acquired Vallery. The statues seem to step out of the shadows, urging us to contemplate this masterpiece...

Best use? Cocktail for 240 people and dinner for 140 guests at most (adjoining premises of 42m2 are superbly equipped for caterers). Drinks also could be served in the park or in the Music Rooms, with dancing later on in the Grande Galerie.

download the plan of the hall (PDF)
and the seating plan (PPT)
Château de Vallery, luxury wedding in France

Music room

music room of Château de Vallery 350 sqm large reception hall large flowery hall for wedding at the chateau wedding reception into the room of the estate large room for a wedding at the chateau reception room while a wedding arbour between reception room and ground of the chateau wedding dinner in the grounds of the chateau close to arbour winter wedding, ground arbour and chateau view
Château de Vallery

The Music Rooms number among the chateau's wedding reception halls. Exclusive hire of the chateau includes its adjoining Closerie Gardens - small sections of garden structured for the "menus plaisirs" (the entertainment) of the king in the century of Louis XIV. Your luxury wedding in France can then continue elsewhere on this estate located just one hour south of Paris.

Best use? A seated dinner for a maximum of 330 guests, allowing sufficient space for a dance floor and band. The adjoining Closerie Gardens can seat one hundred guests. A connecting pavilion measuring 40m2 is fitted with high-tech facilities for caterers.

download the plans (PDF) with several configurations:
- cérémony / 300 people
- only wedding cocktail
- cocktail and diner with DJ / 167 people
- cocktail and diner with DJ / 255 people
- diner with a band / 295 people
- diner with a DJ / 342 people
- diner with a band / 400 people
et le seating plan (PPT)
Château de Vallery

oriental pavilion

entrance of the pavilion, Chateau de Vallery oriental hall one hour from Paris pool of the chateau in Paris area bride in the pool of the chateau henna ceremony in the oriental room of the chateau oriental pavilion room for a wedding pool and pavilion in the grounds of the chateau pool of Château de Vallery, Paris area henna ceremony at the chateau oriental pavilion of the chateau one hour from Paris
Chateau de Vallery, wedding banquet hall

The Oriental Pavilion and the swimming pool add an Oriental touch to Chateau de Vallery and contrast beautifully with your chosen wedding banquet hall. Exotic architecture inspired by Marrakech is echoed in the pool, teak garden furniture and 2 pergolas.

Best use? Ceremonies such as a henna party, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, or for the eve of, or day after, a wedding at the Chateau. Entertainment: belly dancers, swimming.

download the plan of the hall (PDF)
lys du Château de Vallery

medieval cellars

medieval cellars entrance of chateau de vallery chateau's cellars for wine tasting, one hour from Paris 12th-century vaulted cellars wine tasting at Château de Vallery first fruits of a wedding in the cellars of the chateau reception at the chateau: medieval cellars 12th-century cellars under the Renaissance château cocktail of a costume wedding in the cellars of the castle
Château de Vallery 12th-century cellar

Vaulted, 12th-century cellars: a string of cellars lit by candlelight, easily accessible from the chateau's dry moat. Best use? Invite your guests to a tasting of vintage wines (mainly Burgundies) before moving on to your reception.

The obvious starting point for a stroll would be the 12th-century wine cellars. Here, more than anywhere else, the soul of the château is palpable. Saint-André planted the numerous vines we see illustrated on engravings of Vallery by Androuet du Cerceau.

Passionately ambitious, the marshal did not hesitate to send ox-drawn carts to fetch soil from the four corners of France. According to Brantôme’s writings, King Henry II himself helped stock the château’s cellars. A tour of the cellars today is like a journey into the past. No vintage is insignificant. Each one can remind us of the birth of a child, an encounter or a revolution. Wine draws us together; it has so much to say that it is a natural federator. Wine confides in us about its origins and its traditions, adding charisma and eloquence to any celebration. Let us not forget that we are in Burgundy here, and reserve pride of place for a noble Chardonnay, a St Romain, Meursault or Chablis...

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