chateau with bedrooms for wedding, one hour from Paris wedding accommodation in the chateau: bridal suite wedding venue with accommodation included palm grove bedrooms of Château de Vallery bedrooms of medieval castel disabled standards
dovecot bridal suite Charlotte de Montmorency bedroom Tulipe bedroom dovecot stairs loft suite over the pool Grand Condé bedroom bedroom of the dovecot bridal suite Grand Duc bedroom

There are 28 magnificent bedrooms in this exclusive French wedding venue, plus accommodation for 42 right on hand, including at the chateau's farm! All in all, there is enough wedding accommodation for 150 guests for one or two nights. Having so many rooms can only add to the magic and comfort of your event... On the day after, you can gather together for brunch in the Oriental Pavilion or by the pool, and spend time with your guests, enjoying to the full your chateau with accommodation in Vallery, just one hour from Paris.

Each of the chateau’s bedrooms is decorated in its own style. The History of France unfurls around the bride and groom and their guests in 16 Renaissance rooms, in the Oriental bedrooms lighting up former stables, in the three-storey Bridal Suite in France's biggest dovecot, in four bedrooms dotted around the small oasis in the Palm Grove, and in a daring combination of Bali and the Middle Ages in the oldest part of the estate. Now you have a rendezvous with the dawn...

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Bedrooms in the chateau


dovecot of Château de Vallery, a wedding accommodation bridegrooms in the mezzanine of the dovecot the dovecot of the chateau, a bridal suite for wedding dovecot bedroom bathroom of the dovecote on one level with the chateau grounds chateau's dovecote, one hour from Paris
Chateau with accommodation near Paris

The biggest dovecot in France and the ultimate bridal suite. There is no wedding accommodation like it anywhere else in the world! There are 3 levels, each with its theme: water, the stars and amazement.

2,844 pigeonholes, a monolithic bathtub and daylight pouring in from above make the dovecot one of the favourite bedrooms at this Chateau for fairytale weddings.

Château de Vallery

Renaissance bedrooms

Vallery, the Renaissance chateau one hour from Paris Charlotte de Montmorency room, top of the Renaissance chateau Henri IV bedroom Grand Condé room, Renaissance part of Château de Vallery 28 accommodation at the chateau: Restauration room Tulipe room, one of the 28 bedrooms of the chateau Petit Condé, most romantic bedroom of the chateau Biche room of Château de Vallery
Renaissance bedrooms in the chateau for weddings

Wedding accommodation steeped in history. Bedrooms feature 17th-century wallpaper and four-poster beds in a carefully restored setting.

King-size beds, the household linen and the toiletries in the rooms all enhance the comfort of your stay.

Château de Vallery

oriental bedrooms

view of the chateau and pool from the Loft lounge Loft bedroom oriental bedroom of the Château de Vallery Levant, one of the 28 accommodation provided by the chateau the pool and castle from the Loft
oriental bedrooms in the pavilion

3 bedrooms inspired by the Spice Route at Chateau de Vallery, a chateau with accommodation near Paris. The Loft is a 150-m2 duplex with a veranda that opens onto an ornamental pond.

In a more sheltered position overlooking the 12th-century ramparts are Sahara and Levant, decorated in the style and colours of Marrakech.

historical bedrooms in a wedding chateau

palm grove bedrooms

bride in the palm grove of the chateau Samsara bedroom of Château de Vallery Darjeeling room, one of the 28 rooms of the chateau Nirvana room in the palm grove Figuier room bridegrooms in the pool of the chateau, one hour from Paris Gazebo in the palmgrove of Château de Vallery bride in bamboos of the palm grove
France wedding package : Chateau de Vallery

Thick with the fragrance of teak oil and incense, the Palm Grove bedrooms are part of the wedding package at Chateau de Vallery (formerly Chateau des Condé) in France. Canopied beds overlook a grove of date palms and century-old olive trees. No grass here, but sand. A small pool gurgles with warm water at the heart of this Garden of Eden, and a gazebo offers relaxing shade.

A short path wends its way from a Buddha, sculpted into the roots of a tamarind tree, via a monumental bronze elephant head rising up from the 12th-century ramparts, to a stone apsara further on, holding a water jug on her shoulder and pouring out crystal waters. "Luxury, tranquillity and voluptuousness" perfectly sum up the atmosphere at the heart of this small oasis. 4 bedrooms for a romantic wedding in a chateau: Samsara, Darjeeling, Nirvana and Figuier.

suites and bedrooms into the chateau

medieval bedrooms

bridge of medieval chateau de Vallery Dame Blanche one of the four medieval chateau bedroom Chouette room, accommodation for wedding at the chateau Grand Duc bedroom in medieval chateau with disabled access Petit Duc, another medieval room with disabled access the bride in the Ducs bathroom the medieval chateau of Vallery, Paris area
Chateau de Vallery, luxury weddings in France

Your wedding in France can bring you to the heart of the "old chateau", erected at the end of the 12th century by a knight called Jehan de Vallery.

4 bedrooms at ground level have tales to tell of crusades. The spacious Grand Duc-Petit Duc suite has been fitted out to comply with disabled access standards and for luxury weddings in France.

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accommodation nearby

About 30 rooms in Vallery and more than 200 in the surrounding area
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accomodation map around Château de Vallery for wedding guests


On your way of beforehand, select hereunder the accommodation that you have reserved. The application will bring you to the right door! You can also call your host using the telephone number provided.
Have a good trip!

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