wedding weekend chateau Paris: church of Château de Vallery romantic jewish wedding vows in the large room of the chateau celebrating bar mitzwa at the chateau best places to get married: wedding reception at the chateau, 1 hour from Paris the Vallery's church for your wedding at the chateau grounds of the chateau for a jewish wedding in Vallery France buddhist wedding in the palm grove of the Château de Vallery
jewish wedding canopy in the rose garden wedding ceremony at Vallery church Buddha over the grounds henna ceremony in the oriental pavilion Jewish wedding in the Grande Galerie mausoleum of Henri II de Condé Jewish ceremony under the 7 trunks sycamore Vallery church

Whether it's for a wedding, a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, or a christening, and whatever the religion, the chateau has a range of suitable settings - including a church in Vallery village (not part of the hire package). The Grande Galerie, the Oriental Pavilion, the Rose Garden, the Church and even the sycamore with seven trunks can all be perfect spots for romantic wedding vows and other ceremonies - depending on your religion, your traditions and, who knows, your idea of romance!

Chateau de Vallery makes a point of honour of welcoming all religions for all celebrations: from weddings to christenings via henna ceremonies, wedding anniversaries and civil unions. Enjoy more than just a reception: a wedding weekend in a chateau between Paris and Burgundy! Spend two or three days revelling in the cultural riches of the estate - one of the best places to get married!

Chateau de Vallery propose wedding weekend 1 hour from Paris

Wedding ceremonies


sky of France for wedding : the chateau and the church the church inside mausoleum of Henri II de Condé, Vallery church close to the chateau, the flowery church for a marriage ceremony wedding ceremony at Vallery's church, mausoleum and priest marriage at Vallery, one hour from Paris the church of Vallery and the way to the castle
Château de Vallery, ceremony and wedding one from Paris

The Church of "Saint Thomas de Cantorbéry" ("St Thomas of Canterbury" in English) stands at the edge of the chateau's forest and is therefore ideal for a wedding at the chateau. It is also just one hour from Paris. The church is now equipped with a modern sound system as is popular for weddings in France and elsewhere, and can seat 250 people.

Constructed between 1612 and 1614 at the request of Grand Condé, a "hero born for war, the most illustrious of his race", it is also the eternal resting place of the Princes and Princesses of Condé. The mausoleum of Henri II of Condé was designed by Gilles Guérin, a highly illustrious 17th-century sculptor.

lys du Château de Vallery

Grande Galerie

Jewish wedding in one of the large rooms of the chateau Jewish wedding ceremony at Château de Vallery, one hour from Paris floral set up in the large room for a wedding ceremony in the Pierre Lescot Grande Galerie of Renaissance chateau romantic wedding vows in the chateau
Jewish wedding ceremonies in a french chateau

The bride and groom will take great pleasure in bringing their guests together for a French chateau wedding, pronouncing their vows beneath the imposing vaulted ceiling of the Grande Galerie, constructed between1548 and 1560. The alcoves and candelabras are swathed in roses, lilies and ivy. An Érard piano from 1923 on the dais has witnessed ceremonies by pastors, rabbis, priests and other celebrants.

The sound system in this Renaissance jewel is in harmony with that in the grounds. Spotlights concealed in the vaulted ceiling promise beautiful staging. This hall is included in the hire of the estate and can be the setting for the marriage ceremony during your wedding in Vallery near Paris.

lys du Château de Vallery

Oriental Pavilion

henna ceremony in the chateau's oriental room, best places to get married Château de Vallery, one hour from Paris, a henna ceremony in oriental room Muslim marriage at the pavilion the oriental room of the chateau tea time at the oriental pavilion of Vallery ceremony at Château de Vallery
Château de Vallery, wedding chateau close to Paris

Your henna ceremony could blend in with the sophistication of Marrakech, offering a striking change of scene during your chateau wedding in France! The scent of jasmine, the sight of glittering and finely etched platters, the wonderful sound system in the Oriental Pavilion...

Looking for the best places to get married? Chateau de Vallery will take you into a world of shadow and light, of the Orient and the West - a far cry from the bustling city of Paris, yet so close! In fact, our legendary forest stretches to the southern border of the Île-de-France region!

Château de Vallery

Rose Garden

french chateau for wedding: rose garden flowery for ceremony chuppah in the grounds of Château de Vallery officiant for romantic wedding vows on ecumenical wedding at the chateau one hour from Paris bridegrooms kiss after their marriage in the rose garden jewish wedding ceremony in the grounds of the chateau Pastor officiates protestant wedding in the rose garden bridegrooms in the rose garden of the chateau
all kind of wedding ceremonies in the rose garden of this french chateau

In a clearing within the Rose Garden we occasionally set up a chuppah of flowers for romantic wedding vows. The rabbi takes care of the finishing touches for a Jewish wedding ceremony. For other weddings, a pastor, celebrant or even the witnesses preside.

Music seems to rise up out of the flowerbeds and flow from waterfalls and fountains, filling the air. The Rose Garden, now used for weddings, stands on the very spot where this French chateau's old tithe barn used to be and has inherited its walls; they are now covered in luxuriant greenery and blooms.

Chateau de Vallery


chuppah under the sycamore of the chateau jewish marriage under the sycomore tree of Château de Vallery celebration of a Jewish wedding at the chateau rabbi under chuppah, under the sycamore, close to the chateau
ceremony under the 7 trunks sycamore

The sycamore with 7 trunks is without doubt the most magnificent tree on the estate. Why not harness the majesty - and the shade - of this imposing, three-hundred-year-old tree for your wedding ceremony, before moving on to your reception? Serenity, peace and reflection guaranteed.

A flowered chuppah can easily be suspended from one of the sycamore's powerful branches for a Jewish wedding ceremony. The outstanding play of light, and the sound system that can easily be added, accentuate the spiritual dimension of your wedding at the chateau, just one hour from Paris, capital of France.

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