sky of France for wedding : the chateau and the church the church inside mausoleum of Henri II of Condé the church outside bride and father get into the church a marriage ceremony wedding wedding, mausoleum and priest marriage the church outside after the marriage
Château de Vallery, ceremony and wedding one from Paris

The Church of "Saint Thomas de Cantorbéry" ("St Thomas of Canterbury" in English) stands at the edge of the chateau's forest and is therefore ideal for a wedding at the chateau. It is also just one hour from Paris. The church is now equipped with a modern sound system as is popular for weddings in France and elsewhere, and can seat 250 people.

Constructed between 1612 and 1614 at the request of Grand Condé, a "hero born for war, the most illustrious of his race", it is also the eternal resting place of the Princes and Princesses of Condé. The mausoleum of Henri II of Condé was designed by Gilles Guérin, a highly illustrious 17th-century sculptor.