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Service providers at Chateau de Vallery

Here follows a list of recommended, experienced professionals who have already worked at the chateau. The only service provider requiring our approval in advance is your firework expert, for reasons of safety and logistics.

You have complete freedom in the choice of your service providers except for the management of sound and lighting installations. All of the rooms in the chateau are equipped with sound systems, made available by Vincent our sound technician. We offer cutting-edge equipment (see below descriptions) for the exceptional artists of your choosing. Vincent is the only person authorised to give access to our sound and light systems. He offers a lights and music package at €600+vat, ie €720vat included to pay him at D-30. Vincent will light up your event; his personalised sound set-ups can cover the rose garden, the church, ceremony under the sycamore tree, the orchard, the arbour, your speeches and more... As well, Vincent will impress you with his Light Show synched to your DJ's music all night long.

Vincent's light show
Vincent and his team: Email or on +33(0).603.271.073 - web

Our list is simply to give you a helping hand - because the more successful your experience with us, the brighter your wedding at the Chateau will shine… beyond mountains and oceans all the way to your dreams. This is what we hope for you, as we wish you all the happiness in the world.
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Technical characteristics of the equipment on site

Grande Galerie
Sound System NEXO 2 PS 15 + 2 PS 15 Sub + 2 RS 15 subwoofers + 6 PS 8 on backgrounds. Sound control 2 Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus2 turntables, Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus2 mix table, 4 Shure SM 58. Lights 8 beam fixtures R1 along the hall (4 each side), 2 led bars inside the 2 alcoves, fog machine, 1 tetra P17 32A, 1mg16XU.

Music Room
Sound System 1 HK audio pack, HK Linéar 5, 2 HK audio elements band packs. Sound control Yamaha MG 10 XU mix table, 1 fixed wall screen (2m x 1,8m video projection), 1 tetra P17 32A at the kitchen park + arbour storage.

Salle des Tentures
Sound System 8 DAS Audio Arco 24 TW speakers + 2 DAS Audio Arco 12 subwoofers. Sound control Yamaha MG 10 XU mix table, 1 fixed wall screen (2m x 1,8m) and fixed video projector.

Oriental Pavilion
2 Cabasse satellites, 2 KV2 Audio subwoofers. Bluetooth via Pc connection, smartphone.
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