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Benjamin Brette
Real Life Behind Magic

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100% authentic photos, full emotion and fun. A different look for people who want something "out of the box". Multi awarded by the most prestigious organizations, and ranked world Top 10 since 2014.

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Alexandre Moulard

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Affiliated to a press agency, work of Alexandre is regularly found over magazine press (Gala, Paris-Match, etc.). His precious and restrained 3 photographers team can come in reinforcement!

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Christian Vigier

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A master photographer who has not lost the art of simple photography. Prices upon request.

Christian Vigier photographer for your wedding

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Jess Martinez

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After more of 100 weddings photographed, every new wedding is an exciting day to come for Jess, his aim is always to make each wedding the best one. His unobtrusive way of working allows to capture all those beautiful and candid moments without intervening and letting all happen in a real way.

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Encre Noire

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Encre Noire's unique and original approach to photography is not limited to glamorous portraits or colour effects. Encre Noire's trademark style is its quest on the day of your mariage for singular moments, shared expressions and natural lighting. Corinne and Eric, the agency's two photographers, devote themselves to scanning all that goes on on the day of your wedding in order to draw out each of its highlights. Encre Noire records this important day, in colour and in Black & White, with unparalleled sensitivity and elegance.

Encre Noire has published a book entitled "Un jour" which is disposal for you at the château.

Encre Noire photographer for wedding at the chateau
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