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Encre Noire

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Encre Noire's unique and original approach to photography is not limited to glamorous portraits or colour effects. Encre Noire's trademark style is its quest on the day of your mariage for singular moments, shared expressions and natural lighting. Corinne and Eric, the agency's two photographers, devote themselves to scanning all that goes on on the day of your wedding in order to draw out each of its highlights. Encre Noire records this important day, in colour and in Black & White, with unparalleled sensitivity and elegance.

Encre Noire has published a book entitled "Un jour" which is disposal for you at the château.

Corinne and Eric, Encre Noire

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Ronan Jegaden

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his photo gallery in Vallery

You have decided to get married and are preparing all the details that will make your wedding a wonderful event. Ronan's objective is to accompany you in these emotional moments. His images have won awards in the main international wedding photography competitions

Ronan Jegaden photographer

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Jess Martinez

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After more of 100 weddings photographed, every new wedding is an exciting day to come for Jess, his aim is always to make each wedding the best one. His unobtrusive way of working allows to capture all those beautiful and candid moments without intervening and letting all happen in a real way.

You can also ask Jess and his wife Yoanna for the video of your event with Simply Lovely.

Jess Martinez photographer and video director

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Alia Païenda

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Alia is a wedding and intimate events photographer based in Paris and Europe working on soulful and poetic imagery, with an editorial and refined artistic touch. She has a genuine and detailed approach, enhancing natural movements to bring life into her images.

It is by creating a unique emotional experience that Alia captures and highlights the intimate love and beauty of contemporary couples. Publications: Vogue, Albe Editions, Tie the Knot...

Paris and UK weddings and intimate events photographer

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Sylvain Bouzat

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"Emotions, genuine and joyful moments, family and friends, unique and powerful moments"... If these words resonate with you when you think about your wedding, then you are meant to meet Sylvain.

Since 2009, Sylvain has been a passionate photographer, capturing happy couple’s weddings all around the world. He strives to create meaningful, creative, and candid photos with an editorial style. With over 200 awards from prestigious competitions, his creative approach invites you to share a unique and bespoke experience together.

Sylvain Bouzat wedding photographer in Château de Vallery

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Foto Vision Produzioni

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Salvatore, Michele and Marco De Nigris, based in Puglia (Italy) are a family group and collaborate very often on events all over Europe. Marco is in charge of the video and Salvatore and Michele of the photo department.

The passion of photography was transmitted to Salvatore by his father, his guide and great source of experience. Do not hesitate to contact Foto Vision Produzioni for a sumptuous wedding reportage, which for him is not only a work, but a dream.

Salvatore and de Nigris family for wedding photography

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Alexandre Moulard

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Affiliated to a press agency, work of Alexandre is regularly found over magazine press (Gala, Paris-Match, etc.). His precious and restrained 3 photographers team can come in reinforcement!

Alexandre Moulard

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Quentin Blanc

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Have you ever noticed how tight our memories are linked to our senses ? We sometimes even say that a happy memory awakes a past delight. Far beyond the pictures, it is the experience they provide that mesmerizes to Quentin. The alchemy of different senses, its ability to resurrect memories of a sharp precision fascinate him. This is his vision for this distinctive rite that is a wedding: To appeal to your senses to immerse yourself into your memories.

Quentin Blanc wedding photos

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Les Fotomectons

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Like photo-booths, Fotomectons take analog photograph portraits with their "Travelling Room". They develop silver prints on location thanks to a mobile laboratory, a 10kg wooden box, both a view camera with a photographic chamber and a photo lab.

A unique 19th-century experience that will allow your guests to leave with a photographic work of art created by a duo of craftsmen: an authentic 10x15 cm silver print. More artistic, more magical, more original, more atypical, more human... “more Fotomectons!”

- View their brochure -

Fotomectons, silver prints and proofs

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David Picchio

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David is a professional fashion photographer, with a background in Art. He quickly realized that, indeed, fashion and wedding could get along very well. His vision of wedding: a more elaborate photograph, an image one creates thanks to a staging. Like a director, David guides you to create glamorous and chic photos, timeless and up-to-date, with a cinematic touch, which will reflect your personality. He offers you an "editorial" series for your D day, a sublimated vision of yourselves.

David Picchio photographer

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Maddy Christina

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Maddy is a prominent and experienced wedding photographer, inspired by travels and encounters. She develops her artistic approach in parallel with her favorite medium -the film- to compose delicate images, striking of sincerity, while lightness. Her goal is to mix beauty and reality, creating images that will remain works of art.

Maddy Christina Beauty and elegance obsession

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Fanny Ritz

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Passionate and sensitive, Fanny Ritz Photographer puts forward the spontaneous and the emotions, for authentic, beautiful memories, which resemble you and allow you to relive your day and all its emotions through soft and natural photos. Located in Paris, winner of wedding awards and recommended by many brides and grooms, she will accept with joy and good humor to offer you beautiful memories of your wedding.

Fanny Ritz wedding photographer

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Christian Vigier

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A master photographer who has not lost the art of simple photography. Prices upon request.

Christian Vigier photo

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