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Entre Mets & Fragrances

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Passionate authenticity and product excellence, Anthony Cheval has gathered a strong team of professionals.

Enthusiasm and mastery of the organization.

Entre Mets et Fragrances caterer wedding cake in the Grande Galerie caterer at the Château de Vallery Entre Mets et Fragrances caterer at the chateau Entre Mets Fragrances Château de Vallery

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MG Réception

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A family business taken over by the son, Sami Guérault, discover a fresh, local, tasty and inventive cuisine, constantly renewed. A human team working for the culture of excellence.

MG Réception at the chateau

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Le Jardin du Goût

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Le Jardin du Goût offer various menus and the Chef Sebastien Tasset remain at your disposal for any personal touches. Their cuisine is homemade with fresh, seasonal and local products. They will adapt to every specific’s dietary regime: veggie, vegan, halal, gluten free and allergies. "A course has to be good. “Be good” mean open the mind of the emotions".

restaurant and catering Le Jardin du goût

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Restaurant Les Prémices

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Voted by Gastronomic newspapers as one of the most inspirational chefs, Dominique Maës always ensures that his world of flavours are explored in his restaurant in Bourron-Marlotte park. He has the culture of many local and noble products.

Winter packages from 85€ without VAT, include a cocktail, table service and wines selected by the Sommelier Laurent Piro.

Les Prémices Restaurant

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Frédeville Traiteur

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A prestigious family business founded in 1990, Frédeville Traiteur nurtures the art of French-style entertaining and offers authentic cuisine based on fresh and quality products. Specialists in high-end, made-to-measure receptions, the team pays particular attention to detail: floral decoration, service dress, tableware, etc.

Frédeville Traiteur

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Cédric Milano

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Cédric knows the chateau very well and will be able to offer you delightful breakfast, brunch, barbecue, mechoui and tajine from very affordable prices. Modern and innovative, he will also suggest you nice tailor-made wedding menus. Cédric is committed to receiving his goods 48 hours before the service of meals. This is a real promise of freshness! To be consulted without moderation.

Cédric Milano caterer in Vallery

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Philippe Mercier

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Around €85 inc. VAT. A renowned chef whose delicious cuisine will add magic to a garden party, skilfully guiding you from the pond to the vegetable garden, from the rose garden to the walled garden... A unique approach to dining.

Philippe Mercier caterer

- Kosher Caterers -

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L’arbre de Vie

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Kosher caterer, Beth Din de Paris controlled. A wedding or a bar mitzvah means more than a simple reception: a moment of sharing and supreme joy. L’Arbre de Vie will go with you in these moments of happiness.

kosher Caterer

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Julien Traiteur

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At the community service since 1980. Catering through Julien & Fils Butchery under the supervision of the Beth Din of Paris. Highlighting its cocktails.

Julien traiteur

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Création Traiteur

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Elie Chouraqui sold his bakery in the 17th century in Paris to be joined by Ami Bendavid. A lot of generosity and talent too... Between €100 and 120 all included (excl tax).

Création traiteur

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Luna Traiteur

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Almost exclusively "faultless" for this kosher caterer recognized by the community since 2004. Around €90 (incl.tx) per person, service included. Serious, fresh and close to the customers.

Luna traiteur in Vallery

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Armand Ohana Traiteur

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Kosher in the fashion of the trendy community... very nice buffets both inside and outside.

Armand Ohana caterer

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Samy Azar

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With over 30 years of experience, Samy Azar Traiteur and its chef Ilan Cohen will turn your receptions into exceptional moments. Surrounded by a team of professionals, listening to all your requests, their goal will be to satisfy you so that these moments of joy become unforgettable.

kosher caterer Samy Azar

- Halal Caterers -

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Les Jardins du Délice

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You just have to taste the Kemia Royale and the Minis Pastillas. Amel has 2 facets: Halal cuisine plus Oriental staging and decoration.

les Jardins du Délice caterer

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