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We Make Stuff

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Solène is a videographer for fiction and music videos. She puts her creativity and know-how at the service of your wedding. From the preparations to the evening without time limit, the emotions, the most important moments as the most stealthy, will be captured and transcribed in a natural way, in a video that looks like you. From €2,200+vat.

your wedding video director

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BAH Film - Bruce

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Bruce is a professional Film director and videographer with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. His visual universe finds its roots in captured emotions, translating them on screen into a cinematic style.

Being discreet and carefully listening to the bride and groom’s requests and needs, his collaboration based on mutual exchange and simplicity will lead to an outstanding movie recalling your wedding day with emotion and sensitivity.

wedding reception vid

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Simply Lovely

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Helmed by a talented husband and wife team, truly passionate about storytelling, Simply Lovely duo is specialized in wedding with a documentary approach. Yoanna and Jess offer you unique images of your wedding at the château.

"We love filming emotions, joyful and spontaneous moments of life! We feel inspired by the beauty of each stories... Can’t wait to know yours!"

simply lovely in Vallery

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Marco De Nigris Weddings

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"Photography is truth, and cinema is truth twenty-four times a second." This sentence contains all that is videography for Marco; the fantastic power to tell through images unique and indescribable emotions. Marco is a talented videographer who lives in Lecce, Puglia (Italy).

The research of the story and the study of the narrative language, makes his stories pleasant and exciting; creative lover of his work. He has been active since 1990 and today his father and brother have joined him to form a new video and photographic studio that combines field experience with innovative visions.

Marco De Nigris Weddings video Italy

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Ping Pang Films

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Tuan Nguyen is inspired by the world of cinema through a strong artistic, poetic and emotional side, which has made it his trademark since 2011.


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Videographer in France, Pierre-Yves referesh the wedding film by making it modern and cinematic. His idea is to make a unique film so to see it endlessly and relive all the emotions felt during this beautiful day. His master words: natural, emotion and spontaneity!

Find one of his masterpieces on our video page


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MoonRiver Prod

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Moonriverprod is a production company created in 2010 by two film directors. They bring to the wedding the quality and finesse of cinema.


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Aurélia Planterose

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Enjoy every moment and simply be yourself! Specialised in weddings (after having been a television editor), Aurélia will make an authentic and customised film for you, with a natural rhythm and a special attention for the soundtrack. Aurélia's work oscillates between raw reality and cinematographic views, the atmosphere of the day is highlighted. For a unique souvenir of your wedding, discover her website, you will quickly be seduced...

Aurélia also worked with enchantment for a magnificent June wedding at the chateau which offers us an exceptional video clip!

Aurélia Planterose at Château de Vallery

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Vincent Roy

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Vincent is a passionate videographer whose only pleasure is to tell your story through his wedding films. With his curiosity, he will capture the variety of your expressions and attitudes as well as those of your guests in the most faithful way.

Discover his clip, in an atypical format, for the wedding of Corina and Baptiste at Château de Vallery.

Vincent Roy, videographer at the chateau

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