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Sébastien Ladruze

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The Magic of Close-up (table to table magic), Sébastien will captivate your guests with manipulative numbers, card tricks, mentalist and humour to enhance the whole. An interactive animation at tables during your dinner or cocktail.

Moreover, Sébastien is nominated finalist of the magic show of the year 2019/2020 by the French Federation of Prestidigitator Artists!

Sébastien Ladruze, magician at the chateau

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Arno, the magician of birds

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Arno in Vallery (pdf)
Arno's videoclip

After several guest appearances on TV’s "Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde", Arno brings to you his "Rêve d’Oiseaux", the most beautiful birds on the planet magically appear on stage. And also:

Bride appearance: an original and surprising way to introduce the wedding couple. The bride appear inside a giant book! The perfect choice to start the evening in a magical way!

Levitation: a child from the audience floats into the air under Arno’s magical power. An unforgettable moment for the child and the guests!

Close-up magic: during your cocktail, Arno shares his magic to your guests. They witness the illusions up close and take part of the magic.

Let your dreams take flight!

Arnomagie or Arnoillusion for your reception

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Les Voyageurs du Bord des Mondes

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Fred Ange

"Beyond the high trails night owls, we joined and made a heavenly round..."

Les Voyageurs du Bord des Mondes offer street theater performances, storytelling shows, custom creations, etc. Amazing!

street theater performances

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Friendly, amazing and inescapable: Figaro, a regular at the castle will amaze the guests; from children honor to deans, from cocktail to wedding dinner.

Magic Figaro, friendly yours

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